About Arrow Auctions Dedicated Motor Auction facility currently operates two public auctions a week on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6:00pm.

Arrow Motor Auctions disposes of over 4000 vehicles a year for a wide range of clients such as main agent dealerships, government departments, civil enforcement agencies, courts and private entrants.

Each sale offers prospective customers the opportunity to view over 80 vehicles under cover with often over 200 vehicles offered for sale every week.

Client base is extensive and includes Main Agent Dealerships, Motor Vehicle Traders, HM Revenue & Customs, HM Court Services, Liquidators, Insolvency Practitioners, Private Bailiff Companies and Private Entrants.

Commercial vehicles ranging from small vans to large box lorries are offered in auction on Wednesdays.

As a customer you can have the confidence to purchase knowing, as members of the National Association of Motor Auctions, Arrow are governed by their code of practice:
1. To promote “best practice” in the industry
2. To be fair to both seller and purchaser
3. To protect the purchaser against defect in title
4. To commit to the NAMA Code of Practice
5. To ensure all staff are familiar with customer’s rights under the code.

All sold vehicles are checked for provenance via the Experian data base, to ensure that they are not subject to Outstanding Finance, Accident Damage or have been stolen.

Currently the company offers a nationwide valuation and removal/collection service to all its clients and provides ample secure storage and whenever required sales of goods can be arranged to be held on site, on-line or by attendance.

Buying a Vehicle
Please see below a schedule of our current fees.

Arrow Motor Auctions Scale of Charges

Please note: the below scale of charges applies to both private and trade clients.

• Up to £499 = £40.00 plus VAT (Total £48.00)
• £500 – £999 = £50.00 plus VAT (Total £60.00)
• £1000 – £1499 = £60.00 plus VAT (Total £72.00)
• £1500 – £1999 = £70.00 plus VAT (Total £84.00)
• £2000 – £2499 = £80.00 plus VAT (Total £96.00)
• £2500 – £2999 = £90.00 plus VAT (Total £108.00)
• £3000 – £3499 = £100.00 plus VAT (Total £120.00)
• £3500 – £3999 = £110.00 plus VAT (Total £132.00)
• and £10.00 plus VAT per £500 thereafter

Cash Deposit: 10% of the purchase price OR £100.00 (whichever is the greater) payable on all bids

Storage: £10.00 plus VAT per day

Information for buyers

The basics!
The process of buying a car through auctions is very straight forward. Cars are displayed before the auction, and then driven in front of the rostrum. An auctioneer takes bids from the hall and cars are sold to the highest bidder. The sale is complete when the auctioneer announces completion with his hammer. Until then a bid may be withdrawn. If your bid is successful you will need to go immediately to the rostrum to sign to confirm your purchase, to give your name and address and lodge a deposit. Proof of identity may be required.

With or without a warranty?
To help the buyer, cars sold through auctions are generally described in two ways, either ‘sold as seen’ or as ‘all good’.

‘Sold as seen’ simply means that the seller may not have sufficient information to make a full declaration of the vehicle’s background and does not necessarily mean that there is anything wrong with the car. However it is important to realise there is no redress once purchased. Older low value vehicles are likely to come within this category.

‘All good’, on the other hand, refers to a vehicle that has a ‘warranty’. This is usually a one-hour major mechanical warranty covering drive items such as the engine, gearbox and steering. It does not cover exterior bodywork and trim, interior fitting and tyres. This gives the buyer time to take the vehicle for a full test drive to check that it is mechanically sound. Such vehicles are sometimes referred to as being sold “with trial” or “with no major mechanical faults.” However the seller may advise there is a specific fault in which case the description will be modified to include details of that fault.

Odometer readings

Odometer readings are only warranted as accurate if so announced by the auctioneer at time of sale. In all other cases odometer readings are not WARRANTED or INCORRECT and should not be relied upon.

Purchaser protection

When buying a car through a motor auction, it is very important to study the Terms and Conditions of Sale as these may vary from one auction to another. Although the contract is between the buyer and seller, most auction companies may provide some protection for the buyer in the event that vehicle is not ‘sold as seen’ and is subsequently found to have been misrepresented before the rostrum in terms of a warranted mileage or age. The contract of sale can generally be rescinded under these conditions, but only subject to written notification of a claim within a specific timescale.

Although members will do their utmost to protect your purchase against any defect in title by checking with an appropriate data reference agency at the time of sale, very occasionally a vehicle may subsequently prove to be stolen property or subject to outstanding hire purchase. NAMA members give protection against such an eventuality and an indemnity fee will be charged; the details of the protection can be obtained from the auctioneers Terms and Conditions of Sale. The charges vary so you should always enquire before buying if you are not sure.

Provisional bids

Most cars are sold with a reserve (minimum) price that the seller is prepared to accept. If your bid is less than the reserve but fairly close, your bid may be accepted provisionally. The auction will then contact the seller to see if he will accept your offer, it is important not to bid for any other vehicle while the seller’s decision is awaited.

How to pay

Have your deposit ready. The balance will need to be paid by cash or bankers draft the next day as space at auction sites is limited. You may be charged storage if a vehicle is not collected. Most auction companies accept debit cards (Switch. Delta, Visa) and a few accept credit cards but subject to a fee.


Although all used cars bear VAT it is not usually accounted for separately and VAT is not generally added to the hammer price. Vehicles referred to as “Qualifying Cars” and announced as such by the auctioneer will have VAT accounted for separately within the hammer price to enable a VAT registered buyer purchasing the vehicle for a qualifying purpose to recover the VAT. Commercial vehicles are subject to VAT on top of the hammer price at the standard rate unless otherwise stated
Listen carefully for the auctioneer s description of the vehicle’s VAT status.


From the fall of the hammer, or the acceptance of your bid in a provisional sale, the responsibility for the vehicle is yours. Accordingly you must usually effect the necessary insurance arrangements even while the vehicle remains on site unless otherwise stated in the Terms and Conditions.

The law!

It is an offence to drive a vehicle on the road without a valid insurance, a current Vehicle Excise Licence, and MOT Certificate if applicable.

You must therefore, ensure that all these are in effect BEFORE you leave the auction centre in your new car.

Tips for buying at auction

1. Arrive at the auction in good time and check out the vehicles in the compound to see which meet your requirements. Always try to give yourself a choice of vehicles. It is often a good idea to go once or twice before you go to buy so that you can get a “feel” for the auction procedure.

2. Go with a knowledgeable friend if you have little product knowledge. There is not much time to check the car and no road test is possible prior to purchase.

3. Check the auction’s terms and conditions of trade as these may vary between different auctions. Some companies read out a synopsis of the main conditions and auction procedures prior to each auction.

4. Decide in advance how much you are prepared to pay and remember to take the indemnity charge into account.

5. Never bid over your budgeted amount – there will be plenty of other cars from which you can choose. Buy a model you know, since you will need to make an on the spot decision. You will usually be able to view cars beforehand but can examine the engine only when a car is started up and driven into the auction area.

6. Read the notice on the windscreen. All the relevant information will be on it – year on manufacture, make, model, if there is any MOT, road tax , what the mileage is and whether it is warranted or not. In particular check that the vehicle has not been an insurance total loss. Some vehicles come with an Engineer’s Report on the mechanical condition of the vehicle, a copy of which is affixed to the windscreen at the time of sale.

7. Auctioneers do not always spot unfamiliar bidders so make sure that your bid is noticed.

8. When the car comes into the hall to be auctioned ask the driver to open the bonnet and check the boot for signs of rust or damage.

Selling a Vehicle
Arrow Motor Auctions Scale of Charges

Entry Fee (per vehicle): £25.00 plus vat (Total £30.00)

Each vehicle will be offered in up to two sales

Commission: 8% plus VAT with a minimum charge of £40.00 plus VAT per vehicle (Total £48.00)

Arrow Motor Auctions Scale of Charges for Trade Clients

Please note: motor vehicle traders will be required to provide a copy of their trade insurance to benefit from trade rates.

Entry Fee (per vehicle): £10.00 plus VAT (Total £12.00)

Each vehicle will be offered in up to two sales

Commission: 6% with a Minimum charge of £35.00 plus VAT per vehicle (Total £42.00)
Maximum charge of £60.00 plus VAT (Total £72.00)

Information for Selling a Vehicle

To sell a vehicle through our Motor Auction you will require the following:
• The vehicle V5 document (required)
• MOT certificate (if applicable)
• Tax disc (if applicable)
• Service history (if applicable)

You will also be required to complete an auction ‘Entry Form’ (available at our head office or to download below). Submit this form with the required documents listed above when you drop off your vehicle at Arrow Motor Auctions.

You can leave your vehicle with us anytime between the hours of 8.30am – 5.00pm: Monday – Friday.

Auctions are held every Monday and Wednesday (except bank holidays) at 6.00pm.
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