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Search all car auctions at BCA Blackbushe Currently 3729 cars for sale Auction Centre Facilities

* 3 Auction Halls
* Under cover viewing for 1,000 cars
* Customer parking for 1,100 cars
* Valeting, vehicle examination and appraisal service
* Fast Food Restaurant - 350 seat restaurant

Live and On line bidding available

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 9.00am - 5.30pm
Saturday: 9.00am - 12.00 noon

# London Gatwick Airport - Tel: (01293) 535353
# London Heathrow Airport - Tel (0208) 759 4321
# Blackbushe Airport - Tel: (01252) 879449

General Manager
Darren Betteridge
Centre Manager
James Gibson
Sales Manager
Steve Paine
Operations Manager
Lloyd Whittick
Transport Manager
Angela Paine
Business Administration Manager
Yvonne Frost
Car Sales Manager
Nicola Cornwell
Assistant Car Sales Manager
Darren Green
Car Account Executives
Jody Gray, David Young, Luis Ferreira
Car Account Controllers
Jamie King, Mark Rundle, Stephanie Freeman, Kayleigh Snook, Sam Keegan
Marketing Assistant
Bernadine Lockhart
LCV Sales Manager
Ian Batchelor
LCV Account Executive
David Wildsmith
LCV Account Controllers
Tom Harpley, Sean Cox, Jess Stopford

London Gatwick – Tel: (01293) 535353 London Heathrow – Tel: (0208) 759 4321 Blackbushe – Tel: (01252) 879449
Morland Lodge, The Ely, The Flats, Blackwater – Tel: (01252) 860444 The Hanover International Basingstoke London Road, Hook – Tel: (01256) 764161 Casa dei Cesari Handford Lane, Cricket Hill, Yateley – Tel: (01252) 873275


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