AMG Have Unleashed Their 1000hp + Project One Hypercar On The World

Mercedes new project one is a 1000+ hp, 1.6 liter turbocharged V6 monster with four electric motors, revs to 11,000RPM and tops out at roughly 217mph. And did we mention it looks like a homicidal fish?

Kick Ass Guide to Simple Car Maintainance

With so much emphasis on car buying, few people consider the maintenance requirements of an their pride and joy.

Drive Like a Spy

A, Real Life, Ex Anti-Terrorist Officer Reveals the Techniques and Tactics That Have Saved His Life on Numerous Occasions 

The Japanese have invented a car that runs on water

The Japanese have made a new innovation in hydrogen automotive technology.

Drive Like a Spy

He kept some of the most famous, high profile, targeted people on the planet safe. Now, for the very first time ‘The Protector’ reveals tactical and defensive driving techniques that should be covered by the Official Secrets Act

Future Classics - Honda S2000

What makes a car, into a sought after classic? Is it because it set the market alight when it was released? Because it drives exceptionally? Because of its looks? The answer is it could be all of these things, or none at all.

Aston Launch exciting new brand, AMR (Aston Martin Racing)

Aston Martin have launched an exciting new arm of their company, Aston Martin Racing. They make high(er) performance versions of their existing models, think BMW Msport or AMG for Mercedes.

Alpine’s chief engineer, David Twohig, discusses the new Alpine A110 with Evo.

You can probably tell, I'm quite excited for this car. Listening to David Twohig and the passion he has for the project only helped to fuel that excitement. Here he discusses with Evo's Dan Prosser, everything you need to know about the new A110.

Renault are bringing back Alpine!

Renault are bringing back their sports car brand, Alpine, and their starting with the most famous, the A110.

Aston's Ludicrous new automobile venture, joint with Red Bull now has a name...

Aston Martin have used their V naming strategy for more than 70 years, the first time being when they gave the upped the DB2's HP by about 20, and called it a Vantage.



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