Future Classics - Honda S2000

What makes a car, into a sought after classic? Is it because it set the market alight when it was released? Because it drives exceptionally? Because of its looks? The answer is it could be all of these things, or none at all.

Aston Launch exciting new brand, AMR (Aston Martin Racing)

Aston Martin have launched an exciting new arm of their company, Aston Martin Racing. They make high(er) performance versions of their existing models, think BMW Msport or AMG for Mercedes.

Alpine’s chief engineer, David Twohig, discusses the new Alpine A110 with Evo.

You can probably tell, I'm quite excited for this car. Listening to David Twohig and the passion he has for the project only helped to fuel that excitement. Here he discusses with Evo's Dan Prosser, everything you need to know about the new A110.

Renault are bringing back Alpine!

Renault are bringing back their sports car brand, Alpine, and their starting with the most famous, the A110.

Aston's Ludicrous new automobile venture, joint with Red Bull now has a name...

Aston Martin have used their V naming strategy for more than 70 years, the first time being when they gave the upped the DB2's HP by about 20, and called it a Vantage.

What are the laws in the UK in relation to the legal clamping of cars?

When a car has been parked somewhere where it should not have been it will often be the case that the car has been clamped. The clamp placed over the wheel of the car will ensure that the car is unable to be driven and will only be removed upon the payment of a fine.

The Survival Guide To Being Wheel-Clamped

Whilst I would not recommend that people living in Cuba, Libya, North Korea or Communist China remove wheel-clamps themselves (although I would love to hear from people in those countries if they have any wheel-clamping related stories), this article is intended as a forum to give help and advice to persecuted motorists.

Spirit of Ecstasy

The Spirit of Ecstasy is the bonnet ornament on Rolls-Royce cars.

Automotive industry in the United States

The Automotive Industry in the United States began in the 1890s and, as a result of the size of the domestic market and the use of mass-production, rapidly evolved into the largest in the world. However, the United States was overtaken as the largest automobile producer by Japan in the 1980s, and subsequently by China in 2008.

Automotive industry in the United Kingdom

The automotive industry in the United Kingdom is now best known for premium and sports car marques.


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