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The Lancia Rally 037 represents the last of the winning rear-wheel drive Group B rally cars to compete in the series that became dominated by all-wheel drive platforms. Here is a chance to buy one of the best restored examples of this rare breed.

Estimate (US$) 350,000 - 450,000.

1,995cc DOHC Supercharged Abarth 4-Cylinder Engine
205bhp at 7,000rpm
5-Speed ZF Manual Transaxle
4-Wheel Double Wishbone Independent Suspension
4-Wheel Disc Brakes

*Rare and iconic Group B Homologation car
*Expertly nut-and-bolt restored by Baldi Brothers of Turin, Italy
*Shown at the 2017 Quail, A Motorsports Gathering
*Potent, supercharged Lampredi-designed Abarth engine with Pininfarina styling


Known internally by its Abarth project number, 037, the Lancia Rally 037 – or Lancia-Abarth 037 - was the product of a joint effort with design house Pininfarina, Dallara and project manager, Sergio Limone. A combination monocoque/tube-frame chassis formed the skeleton on which the Kevlar and fiberglass reinforced body panels were mounted. Distinctive features include a "double bubble" roof, a styling trait from Abarth's 50-60's racecars. The position of the engine, cockpit, windshield, side windows and firewall were derived from the 037's championship-winning predecessor, the Beta Montecarlo. The tube-frame structure (fore and aft) provided pickup points for the double wishbone suspension arms and the hydraulically dampened Bilstein shock absorbers. Since weight was biased toward the rear, dual shock absorbers dampen each of the rear corners.

To cut speed, Abarth developed a 4-wheel disc brake system in conjunction with Italian brake manufacturer, Brembo. Since engine size and chassis weight dictated which class the 037 would compete in, the design team aimed for the naturally-aspirated 3,000cc engine class, which required a minimum weight of 960kg. Based on a factor of 1.4, a forced induction engine could not exceed 2,143cc. Therefore, the development team decided on an Aurelio Lampredi-designed supercharged engine that displaced only 1,995cc, which easily fell within the requirements. Cradled within the web of steel tubing at the rear, the dual cam engine was positioned for optimal weight distribution. Equipped with an Abarth Volumex Roots-type positive displacement supercharger system, the engine delivered superior response and nearly instantaneous boost pressure, generating output measured at 205bhp at 7,000 RPM with 166 lb-ft torque at 5,000 RPM. To put the chassis in motion, the supercharged Lampredi engine relied on a hydraulic single-disc clutch to transfer horsepower at the crankshaft into horsepower at the wheels by way of a ZF 5-Speed Manual Transaxle equipped with a ZF self-locking differential.

The Lancia Rally 037 made its competition debut at the 1982 Rally Costa Smeralda in Italy. Although it suffered from teething pains in its first year in competition, the Lancia Rally 037 managed to win at the Pace Rally in the UK. With the kinks worked out, the Italian marque's impact in the realm of Group B Rally was felt after the 037 enjoyed a much more successful season, winning the 1983 World Rally Championship Constructors' title, thanks to the collective victories of Germany's Walter Röhrl and Finland's Markku Alen.


This rare and expertly restored Lancia Rally 037 must be one of the best examples available anywhere. Not only are these cars very rare, but to see one restored to the extent of the one offered here - chassis no. 106 - is really quite a find. Completed in 1982, the Lancia Rally 037 is believed to have been delivered new to Japan, where it would remain until purchased there by the consignor in 2016. At this point, the car was in complete and running/driving state, but could benefit from a restoration. The consignor shipped the car to Italy, where he then appointed famed Turinese Abarth and Lancia restoration company Baldi Brothers to carry out a full, nut and bolt restoration. Details of the extensive restoration can be found on a CD in the cars history file, where more than 350 pictures show the car gone through from front to back, both cosmetically and mechanically. Photos show mechanical systems stripped down and rebuilt, including the engine, and paint and interior redone to factory correct specification, including re-upholstering the seats in the unique black Corduroy fabric these cars had. The Baldi Brothers employed ex-Lancia factory workers for this job; some of the very same technicians who built the Lancia Rally 037 when new!

Upon completion in 2017, the Lancia Rally 037 was shipped to the California based consignor, and then shown at The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering. The car is offered with parts and owner's manuals, press brochure, spare and jack, and the rear 'ducktail' spoiler. The Lancia Rally 037 represents the last of the winning rear-wheel drive Group B rally cars to compete in the series that became dominated by all-wheel drive platforms. Here is a chance to buy one of the best restored examples of this rare breed.

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