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Tue, Sep 29, 2020 10:17 PM

The Outlierman company was formed with a mission to handcraft a range of accessories inspired by the breathtaking beauty, supreme quality and timeless appeal of the world's most iconic cars.

Driven by an enduring passion to develop exciting new accessories to celebrate the romance of the open road, The Outlierman is proud to announce the launch of its new Perforated Suede Driving Gloves and new Fingerless Leather Driving Gloves, both in red and black, which form part of the stunning ‘Bad One’ collection.

Perforated Suede Driving Gloves

With black nappa lambskin leather and a red suede back, the all-new perforated driving gloves combine the racing passion of red and the power of black to create the ultimate marriage of performance and design. From the sum of refined materials and handcrafted in Italy comes a model of driving gloves full of personality and committed for the best result, characterised by a suede back that recalls the interiors of many sports cars, and perforated leather that guarantees the best breathability.

With the Perforated Suede Driving Gloves, a combination of suede and nappa lambskin is used to provide the optimum blend of comfort and performance.

Fingerless Leather Driving Gloves

Also intricately handcrafted in Italy are the Fingerless Leather Driving Gloves made from nappa lambskin. Evoking the feeling of racing adrenaline, these gloves are elegantly perforated to ensure maximum breathability performance and have bold traits for a unique style.                                                                 

Enhancing every road trip

“As every driving enthusiast knows, grip and feel are key ingredients of every great drive,” says Andrea Mazzuca, founder of The Outlierman. “A car’s tyres and steering provide those pleasures, but a good pair of driving gloves can heighten those sensations to another level and enhance every road trip no matter how long or short.

“All of our gloves are carefully handcrafted in Italy with the expertise and attention to detail from the very best Italian artisans, ensuring our gloves elevate the overall driving experience and fulfil our customers’ needs.”

Each pair of gloves is delivered complete with an exquisitely designed handmade leather case for optimum protection. Thanks to a range of sizes and a handy size tool located on The Outlierman website, customers can be sure of the perfect fit of glove.

The Perforated Suede Driving Gloves are priced at €280 and the Fingerless Leather Driving Gloves are priced at €220.

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