Never, Ever Get Shafted When Buying a Used Car

Thousands of people get ripped off every day by unscrupulous traders trying to make a fast buck.

Ken Blocks Gymkhana 5

I think having a city shut off for the day so you can take an 800bhp drift car for a hoon through the empty streets is every petrol heads dream, or at least it will be after you watch this video...

Nurburgring Crash Compilation

There's a reason its called the Green Hell...

9 Slow Cars That Fooled Us Into Thinking They Were Fast

Some cars have been designed to look fast, but stamp on the throttle and nothing really happens because these cars lack the firepower to back up their fast exteriors. Here are 9 examples!

Watch the Dudeson's hit a snowboard jump, in a car

For some reason these guys thought this was a good idea. Who am I to say otherwise, it makes for good TV.

This 12 car drift is incredibly satisfying to watch

Whats more satisfying than going for that cross-the-room paper toss into the bin in front of a room full of people and nailing it first time? This video...

Is the Zonda the best sounding car, ever?

Which glorious automobile most tickles your eardrums? Zonda vs LFA.

A tribute to the iconic Toyota Supra

A tribute to the legendary Toyota Supra, one of the kings of tuner cars.

7 Unique, one off Supercars

I hate the concept of concepts. It's a company showing you what they could build, if they could be bothered. It's a bit of a cocktease, really.

11 Hypercars we'll never get to drive

11 Hypercars us mere mortals will never get to drive...


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