Never, Ever Get Shafted When Buying a Used Car

Thousands of people get ripped off every day by unscrupulous traders trying to make a fast buck.

Car of the Day - 1985 Toyota Supra Group A Touring Car

This is a very rare ex-Works 'Group A' Toyota Supra which was raced by the late, great ex-Motorcycle World Champion, Barry Sheene, in period.

Car of the Day - 1991 Vauxhall Lotus Carlton 4500 miles from new

The Lotus Carlton is a legend and the kind of car that comes along once in a generation.

Car of the Day - Skyline GTR R33 Tommy Kaira R

The Nissan Skyline GTR is an icon for enthusiasts. Most people look at it and see a 20-something year old Nissan, but a car guy sees a legend.

Crowdfunding Campaign Launched

Highly specialised, highly accurate, advert-free search is the new way to find what you're looking for and to demonstrate just how refreshing and rewarding it can be, GAUK Motors is now live... 

Featured Auction - 1964 Daimler 2½-Litre V8 Vicarage Convertible

Launched in 1962, the V8 Vicarage soon became the most successful Daimler of all time, with over 17,600 sold, but this is the only one with a droptop.

Featured Auction - 2017 BMW M4 DTM Championship Edition - 1 of 23 UK cars

BMW's celebration of Marco Wittmann's winning record the best way it knows how: with a limited-run BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition.


BMW's M Coupe has turned into a modern cult classic, with prices going the way of air-cooled 911s. Which is to say, they've shot to the stratosphere. What's all the fuss about?

Featured Auction - 2012 McLaren MP4 -12C

The MP4-12C is McLaren's first production car since the legendary McLaren F1. Unlike the F1, the MP4-12C is powered by a 3.8-litre V8, twin-turbo engine that can propel the car from 0 to 124 mph in an incredible 8.9 seconds.

Featured Auction - 1942 Ford GPW 'Willys' Jeep

Every rural car show in the country now has a section for Military Vehicles, and with WW2 re-enactments and the prestigious classic car meetings all clamouring for 1940's Jeeps, this stunningly well-restored example could keep you busy for the rest of the Summer.