How to Avoid Accident Damage Motors When Buying a Used Car

One major problem faced by you the car buyer is being sold a motor that has been in an accident and that important information is not disclosed during your call and pre-inspection investigations.

How to Avoid Mileage Adjustment Fraud When Buying a Used Car

One of the most common car crimes these days is that of winding back the odometer on a high mileage car – ‘clocking’ in the trade.

How to Avoid Stolen Cars When Buying a Used Vehicle

Compiled with the help of police, car buying professionals, and even ex-car criminals, GAUK Motors used car buyer’s guide is probably the most comprehensive guide to buying a secondhand motor ever written…

How to Remove a Wheel Clamp

Beat The Rotten, Inhuman Wheel Clampers!

Autoinfo Guide :: Used Car Bill of Sale Template

Bill of Sale template for buying and selling used cars

Autoinfo Guide :: Talk-U-Through-Check-List

Use this motoring checklist when buying a used car

Want to invest in classic cars? You could be on to a winner

I have a confession. I’ve been unfaithful with a Spanish beauty I met on the internet a few weeks ago.

Autoinfo Guide ::

The is exremely comprehensive. If you are not familiar with engines take someone who is competant enough to complete the checks with you.

Autoinfo Guide :: Mileage Reading Declaration

Odeometer Reading Declaration Template

Six tips to spot a clocked car

Clocking is one of the biggest threats to used car buyers.



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