LeBaron Incorporated (originally LeBaron, Carrossiers Inc.) was a design and coach building company from 1920 until 1953.


Fleetwood Metal Body was an automobile coachbuilder.

Fisher Body

Fisher Body was an automobile coachbuilder founded by the Fisher brothers in 1908 in Detroit, Michigan.

Hayley Earl

Harley J. Earl (November 22, 1893 – April 10, 1969) was an American automotive designer and business executive.


Brewster & Company was an American coachbuilder, active from 1810 to 1937.

James Young

James Young Ltd was a British coachbuilding company. The business was started in 1863 in London Road, Bromley. originally producing horsedrawn carriages.

William Vincent

William Vincent Ltd., often known as Vincent of Reading, was a British coachbuilder founded in 1805 making carriages but in 1899 they made their first car body and later made bodies for commercial vehicles.

Vanden Plas

Vanden Plas is the name of coachbuilders who produced bodies for specialist and up-market automobile manufacturers.

Thrupp & Maberly

Thrupp & Maberly was a British coachbuilding business based in the West End of London, England.


Swallow Sidecar Company, Swallow Sidecar and Coachbuilding Company, and Swallow Coachbuilding Company were trading names used by Walmsley & Lyons.



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