Six tips to spot a clocked car

Clocking is one of the biggest threats to used car buyers.

What to do if your vehicle has been cloned

If you are being contacted about fines or charges for which you are not responsible because someone else is using your registration mark, it is possible that your vehicle has been cloned.

The Vehicle Identity Check

The Vehicle Identity Check (VIC) is a scheme to help stop stolen cars being passed off as repaired accident damaged cars.

Public Car Auctions

How to Bid Successfully at a Public Car Auction in the UK

Motorbike and Motorcycle Auctions

Comprehensive Listings of EVERY Motorbike and Motorcycle Auction Across the Country

Police Car Auctions

Wondering About Buying at a UK Police Car Auction? Here’s Some Information

Online Car Auctions

The Online Car Auction – An Exciting and Growing Trend for UK Buyers

Government Car Auctions

Buying at a Government Car Auction in the UK – Some Tips for Buyers

Fraud Advice – Classic Cars, Motorcycles, Automobilia


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