Robert Opron

Robert Opron (born 22 February 1932) is a French automotive designer, trained as an architect, and noted for designs from the 1960s through the 1980s for Simca, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Ligier, Renault – and Citroën, where he became Responsable de Style, head of the design department, in 1962.

Colin Neale

Colin Neale (1926 – August, 2016) was an english car designer who helped shape the looks of the first Lincoln Continental, countless cars by Chrysler, and he was envisioning sporty concept cars right before the first Ford Mustang.

Ken Okuyama

Ken Okuyama (born 1959) is a Japanese industrial designer and owner of the Ken Okuyama Design company.

Enrico Nardi

Enrico Nardi (Bologna, 1907 – 23 August 1966) was an Italian racing car driver, engineer and designer.

Shiro Nakamura

Shiro Nakamura (born October 1950) is a Japanese car designer and company executive.

William Mitchell

William L. "Bill" Mitchell (July 2, 1912 Cleveland, Ohio — September 12, 1988 Royal Oak, Michigan) was an American automobile designer.

Giovanni Michelotti

Giovanni Michelotti (October 6, 1921 – January 23, 1980) was one of the most prolific designers of sports cars in the 20th century.

J Mays

J Mays (born October 15, 1954 in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma, U.S.) was Group Vice President of Global Design and Chief Creative Officer at Ford Motor Company.

Michael Mauer

Michael Mauer (born 1962) is a German car designer. He is the Chief Designer at Porsche. He has previously worked for Mercedes-Benzand Saab.

Paolo Martin

Paolo Martin (born 1943) is an Italian car designer widely known for his career with Studio Tecnico Michelotti, Carozzeria Bertone, Pininfarina and De Tomaso/Ghia.



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