Rare 'barn-find' 8,000-mile Datsun 260Z goes up for auction

Iconic 70s 'Z cars' are highly sought after - this might be the lowest mileage example of all in the UK. Mechanically it needs some work but the interior and exterior are spotless

Rare 1935 Mercedes-Benz Roadster with a mysterious past sells for nearly £4.5 million at auction

The vintage German convertible, which vanished for years after being stolen, was the star lot at Bonham’s Chantilly sale and accounted for nearly half of the auction’s total takings.

Buying at a Government Car Auction in the UK – Some Tips for Buyers

If you’d like the opportunity to buy a reasonably-priced and well-maintained vehicle, a good place to start is a UK government car auction. Here’s some general information about government auto auctions that you might find useful.

The Online Car Auction – An Exciting and Growing Trend for UK Buyers

If you have Internet access, then you can participate in an online car auction that includes potential buyers not only from the UK but also from around the world. Here’s some general information about online auto auctions, an exciting alternative to being there “live.”

What you need to know about Police Car Auctions

Wondering About Buying at a UK Police Car Auction? Here’s Some Information

Going to a Used Car Auction? Here Are 3 Tips for UK Bidders

Attending a used car auction in the UK can be very exciting, especially for first-timers. Although a vehicle auction is a great place to find affordably priced transportation, there are some policies, procedures and behaviors you should follow to be sure that you don’t overpay.

Porsche 911 RS Carrera Lightweight Replica Project :: The Find

If a car is abandoned on private property, of which there are many private car parks it can eventually be claimed by any person willing to take it away.

How to Run a Diesel Engine on Vegetable Oil: FAQs The Great Biodiesel Story

In Britain you will need to contact Customs and Excise who will require you to fill in a couple of forms and pay a fuel tax. Compare that to what you’d pay at the pumps and Autoinfo have brought you another amazing moneysaver!

How to Run a Diesel Engine on Vegetable Oil 2: The Great Biodiesel Story

Anybody can make biodiesel. It’s easy, you can make it in your kitchen — and it’s BETTER than the petro-diesel fuel the big oil companies sell you.

How to Run a Diesel Engine on Vegetable Oil 1: The Great Biodiesel Story

YES! It is perfectly possible to run your diesel engine on vegetable oil. In some areas Supermarkets have rationed their supply of vegoil because so many people have cottoned onto this motoring loophole!



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