2000 ASCARI ECOSSE 5.0 RHD For Sale

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The Ascari Ecosse was the first production car released by the company and is essentially the production version of the Ascari FGT concept race car.
The Ecosse was unveiled by Ascari at the 1999 Earls Court Motor Show. The Ecosse was given a BMW V8 engine in place of the Chevrolet and Ford units used in the FGT, although the engine was further tuned by Hartge. The 4. 4 L engine produces around 300 hp (304 PS; 224 kW), while later larger 4. 7 L units produced around 400 hp (406 PS; 298 kW).
The last three cars were fitted with the Hartge 5. 0 litre V8 engine based on the 4. 4 L BMW unit. The new engine produced around 420 hp (426 PS; 313 kW) and 520 Nm (384 lbft) of torque. The last car was built at Blandford in 2000 with a sequential manual transmission and we believe that this is that car.
Partly designed and engineered by Lee Noble, the space-frame chassis and wishbone suspension carry a lightweight fibreglass body, weighing 1, 250 kg (2, 756 lb). The Ecosse, with the larger 4. 7 litre engine, can accelerate from 0–60 mph (0–97 km/ h) in 4. 1 seconds, while top speed is measured to be 200 mph (322 km/ h). Only 17 were produced.
This amazing two-owner Ascari Ecosse has covered only 11k miles. Power comes from the BMW 5 litre V8 tuned by Hartge in Germany producing 420hp, as featured in the BMW M5.
The Car is fitted with a Quaife sequential 6-speed gearbox, the only one made for a road car we believe.
The front disks are AP Racing 6-pot callipers with large vented disks. Overall the car was hand-built to a very high specification by Ascari. The Suspension is all independent wishbone with coil over dampers exactly as the FGT race car.
This very rare road-legal car is in our showroom now available for viewing.
Please contact Paul for more details.