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The history behind many makes can be fascinating. The Studebaker brothers started out making wheel barrows and their company grew from there.

Like many they got behind with development, amalgamated with Packard and eventually both ceased to exist.

Studebaker did however produce some very desirable classics, and its most famous would have to be the ‘Bullet Nose’ range of models.

This is one, a Bullet Nose customized 1951 Studebaker Fastback Woodie that is most impressive, a credit to its creator Kirk, from Hills Rod & Custom, details all on a video well worth watching.

Cars like this are works of art without doubt, and rarely seen on the road.

It features incredible wood work as well as a 390 cid Ford Edsel V8 with a rare injection system that was designed by aircraft engineers and featured on the cover of Hot Rod magazine in 1959

Continue reading below the video. 🎬

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