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Wondering About Buying at British Car Auctions? Here’s The Information You Need

GAUK Motors Publish Ground-Breaking Buying at British Car Auctions Guide

British Car Auctions (BCA) are one of the largest car auction networks in the UK but not the only option.

Here’s everything you need to know about buying and even trading auction vehicles for a profit … Read On!


If you’re looking to buy a used car or are a car dealer looking to stock the forecourt, you’ll be looking to save money by buying at one of the UK’s largest car auction networks.

How do I buy at British Car Auctions online?

Car auctions are an invaluable way to buy a used car when looking for a great deal. British Car Auctions are where the traders go and if you do your homework and can keep a cool head under pressure, car sales can be very enjoyable experiences when it comes to purchasing your next car. If you’re new to ‘secretive’ world of car auctions, you’ll be wondering just what you need to buy or sell a car in this way.

British Car Auctions UK is also know as BCA or BCA Marketplace and operate a string of auction houses across the UK. With the recent Pandemic there has been a lot of disruption to the operation and BCA have invested heavily in their online car sales platform.

Selling cars, vans, motorbikes, caravans, motorhomes and repossessed car auctions UK. British Car Auctions Online sells several thousand vehicles a week through their website.

Here’s all the information you need:

Lifting the bonnet on buying a car at auction

Wondering About Buying a Vehicle at British Car Auctions Online? Here’s Some Hot Tips

Do your homework: Know what you want and have a good idea of what the car is worth.

Don’t rush: Arrive in good time and look around. Get a catalogue and examine the stock on offer.

Check the car: It is up to you to check the car’s overall exterior visible condition.

Budget: Set a limit on what you are prepared to pay. Don’t go over it in the heat of the moment and remember you will have a buyer’s fee.

Flexibility: Don’t get too possessive about a particular vehicle.If you miss your first choice, go and look again or come back another day.

Buying a Car at Auction: Sold as Seen

You don’t have the same protection when buying a car at auction as you do when buying goods from a trader. 

Sold as seen vehicles are offered for sale with no guarantee or promise about mechanical condition or quality.

Cars at auction are sold as seen. It’s up to you to do the checks before you buy.

The auctioneer will have guidelines, and you should check them before bidding for anything. If you paid an indemnity fee, check with the auctioneers if this covers your problem.

If the auctioneer knowingly misdescribed goods, you may be able to get some money back.

As with private sales, goods must still be ‘as described’, so keep any written description as evidence.


Discover how to spot:

  • Ringers – Cars with a new identity
  • Cut and Shut – Cars that are actually two different vehicles welded together 
  • Clockers – Cars that have traveled many more miles than is recorded on the dashboard
  • Clones – Cars that carry the copied licence plates of a similar car 
  • Accident Damaged – Cars that have been in bad accident then ‘bodged’ and resold
  • Death Traps – There are many criminals out there willing to put YOUR life at risk for a quick buck!!!
  • Ex-Public Service Vehicles – Cars and vans that were once, Taxis, Ambulances, Police cars… and disguised. Believe us, they don’t make good second hand cars

This report is about redressing the balance of power

If they want to fight dirty then you have two choices:

  1. Lay down and take it.
  2. Fight them on their terms.

It’s up to you!!!

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Online Car Auction

The Online Car Auction – An Exciting and Growing Trend for UK Buyers

Where Do I Find British Car Auctions Near Me?British Car Auctions Online Locations

  • British Car Auctions Edinburgh
  • British Car Auctions Livingston
  • British Car Auctions Livingston


  • British Car Auctions Brighouse
  • British Car Auctions Leeds
  • British Car Auctions Manchester
  • British Car Auctions Newcastle
  • British Car Auctions Preston


  • British Car Auctions Derby
  • British Car Auctions Nottingham


  • British Car Auctions Birmingham
  • British Car Auctions Meachum
  • British Car Auctions Walsall
  • British Car Auctions Wolverhampton


  • British Car Auctions Blackbushe

Having listed those locations you don’t need to be there to bid. Most auctions now have an online bidding facility and you can participate in an online car auction not only from the UK but also from around the world. Here’s some general information about online auto auctions, an exciting alternative to being there “live.”

Categories of Online Car Auction Sites

Lionline car auctionke traditional auctions, online car auctions have similar rules and procedures. For example, a seller can set a reserve, which is the amount at which the bidding must begin. Bids below the reserve made at online auto auctions are automatically rejected. While eBay is perhaps the most familiar online auction house and does have a section dedicated to automobiles, there are two other modalities available to those who are seeking a superior online car auction experience: simulcast auctions and cyber auctions.

The Simulcast Auction Alternative

This is a variety of online vehicle auctions where a buyer can participate in a given auction in real time. He watches the auction using high-tech broadcast technology that enables him to follow the auction as it happens. With a click of the mouse, a buyer in simulcast auction can place a bid. A large screen TV in the auction hall registers the online bidders’ bids. In this way, buyers from all over the world can participate in an online automobile auction along with those who are physically present in the auction hall. Even if you’re not bidding, observing a simulcast auction is a great way to stay in touch with what’s happening in the online auto auction marketplace. In lieu of the normal before-auction vehicle inspection, there’s a highly detailed description of the vehicle along with photos for potential buyers to inspect. The report also contains information on the vehicle’s condition. There’s usually a fee charged to the buyer in a public online car auction along with the VAT. Buyers should know that fees could vary considerably, so it’s a good idea to make all relevant inquiries before the auction begins. Most online auto car auction sites have customer service and FAQs (frequently asked questions) sections where most buyers can find answers to basic questions. Failing that, many sites are accessible by telephone.

The Cyber Auction Alternative

In cyber auctions, there’s no live public car auction occurring simultaneously. It occurs completely on the Internet. Like simulcasts, cyber auctions are accessible from any computer anywhere in the world. The traditional auction catalogs are replaced with online ones. Bids on an online car auction site are confirmed and accepted on screen and purchases are confirmed the same way. A unique feature of a cyber vehicle auction is the ability to set an alarm that will alert you when the bidding has reached a certain threshold, for example. Bidders can also use a bidding robot that will automatically bid for them when they detect higher bid.

A live online car auction is a cutting-edge way to buy a car. UK buyers looking for online car auction action will find more than enough to satisfy them in cyber auctions and simulcasts.

And don’t forget to check out our buying cars at auction car buyers guide for everything you need to make a killing at car auctions.

How to Bid Successfully at a Public Car Auction in the UK

How to Bid Successfully at a Public Car Auction in the UK

Search cars, vans and vehicles available at auction for UP TO 50% BELOW book value. Keep your bargain or sell on for a quick, juicy profit!

British Car Auctions are one of several hundred car auction companies in the UK. A public car auction is a great way for buyers in the UK to scoop up an automotive bargain. Sometimes, though, the organized chaos of an auto auction might be intimidating for first-time bidders. Here’s some information to make your visit to a public vehicle auction a successful one.

Crucial Information Bidders Need at a Car Auction

As a car is driven into the auction hall, the auctioneer usually gives the prospective bidders information about the vehicle. This information, usually provided by the seller, is critically important to making an intelligent bid at a public auto auction. The amount of information may vary from car to car, but it can include the auction lot number, age, technical specifications, tax information, general condition and MOT (Ministry of Transport) certificate. A MOT certificate means that the car has been inspected and tested to assure that it meets minimum standards related to environmental and road safety standards. It is not in any way an assurance that the vehicle will be roadworthy for the duration of the 1-year MOT certification. Also, it’s is not a substitute for regular maintenance like oil changes, etc. Cars over 3 years old require an annual MOT and it’s illegal to drive a vehicle without one. Although this information may also appear in the auction’s catalog, if the auction house provides one to the bidders, you should listen carefully to what the auctioneer says about the car.

How Cars at Auction Are Categorized

There are 2 basic categories in which cars are grouped in a car auction for the public: “as seen” and “all good.” A car labeled “as seen” means that it’s generally older and cheaper in price. When you buy this type of vehicle, you’re agreeing to accept all of its faults, known or unknown at the time of your purchase. Although there are bargains to be had in this category, prospective bidders should inspect them as rigorously as possible. If you’re not as well versed in cars as you’d like to be, it might be a good idea to take a savvy friend with you to a public automobile auction if you plan to bid in this category. Cars labeled “all good” generally purport to have no major issues with engine, drive train, brakes and steering. If you buy an “all good” vehicle, you usually have one hour after the sale to discover any major problems with the vehicle’s systems. You should report these immediately in order to receive a full or partial refund of the purchase price.

Public auto auctions in the UK are popular ways for buyers to find reasonably priced vehicles at fair prices. It’s important to keep a clear head and not get caught up in the emotion of a public car auction. Only then will your purchase price be a fair one.

What to Look For Under The Bonnet At The Car Auction

How to Avoid Buying a Wreck at a Car Auction

You might have heard from someone who knows someone who met a man who got a great deal at a car auction.

Yes it can happen, and a number of people have done it. Before rushing  off to try and find a bargain, be aware that you really need to know a good amount about cars or take a friend who’s a good mechanic before starting to bid. That bargain could easily turn into a lemon. Cars are sold as is, with no warranty of any kind.

How to Find a Reputable Car Auction

First thing to do is take a look at the auctioneer’s section at GAUK Motors.  We only feature reputable car auctioneers. There are a number of big car auction companies, several with a number of venues around the country. Make sure the auctioneers are members of the National Association of Motor Auctions (NAMA); they have an established code of practice and work with the Office of Fair Trading, which offers you protection as a consumer.


wrecked cars at auctionVery carefully inspect any vehicle you might be interested in bidding on. Many will have faults, ranging from flood damage to having been in crashes. You really need to know what you’re looking for to be able to assess the vehicles properly, which is why you need an experienced mechanic. Many faults won’t be readily visible and the seller is under no obligation to give that information.

You’ll need to pay cash or have a loan in place for purchasing the vehicle since many auction houses don’t arrange financing. The important thing to constantly keep in mind is that once the car is bought it cannot be returned or compensation give. If there are problems, they become your responsibility, and they can become costly.

Usually, you’ll need to register at the auction in order to bid. The auctions open to the public generally don’t have the same quality of vehicle as those opened to car dealers. However, the only way you’ll get into those is if you have a friend who’s a car dealer. If it can be managed then are some some excellent bargains.

Be careful bidding at a public auction, and you’d be advised never to offer the first bid – you might well find yourself bidding on something no one else wants. Remember, a lot of the other bidders will be dealers and professionals. You’ll have to pay before you can drive the vehicle away (assuming it’s driveable, of course!).


The high-end market runs somewhat differently. Often, the auctions will be run by a major auction house. Not only will you need to register, you’ll have to show proof of financing, such as a line of credit, a loan, or, of course, cash.

In one of these auctions, you will at least be sure of the condition of the vehicle, which will have been carefully maintained or restored. Wonderful as the vehicles are to see, the prices can go very high for rare specimens, so be prepared to pay big money.

As a general rule, car auctions of any type can be real traps for the novice or the unwary. Be alert, be very cautious, but above all, know what you’re buying.

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Buyer Beware – The Onus is on YOU!

Words of caution. Prices won’t be as low as they might be if you go along to a regular sale dominated by motor trade buyers.

Excited private bidders tend to push prices higher.

You are pretty much buying ‘sold as seen’ too, with very strict rules on getting money back, and then only if the car has been misrepresented. Normally you need to submit a claim within an hour of the end of the sale. There’s certainly no warranty of any sort.

Car Auction Buying Tips:

For a first time auction buyer the whole process can be rather daunting. British Car Auctions, possibly the biggest car auction house in Europe, offers these tips:

  • Do your homework – know what you want before you go to an auction and have an idea what the car you are after is worth.
  • Terms and conditions – each auction house has its own terms and conditions explaining how you can buy, what the fees are etc. Familiarise yourself with these so you don’t get surprised later on.
  • Don’t rush – arrive early and take time to examine the vehicle that interests you.
  • Do ask questions – ask auction staff, they will be happy to help.
  • Check the car – it’s up to you to check the car’s condition, so examine it prior to entering the auction hall. And listen to the engine running as it is driven into the auction hall.
  • Budget – set a limit and stick to it. Save some funds for a post sale service and any minor repairs that might be needed.
  • Be flexible – if you miss your first choice, don’t give up and don’t throw the budget out the window just because you like the colour of the car you’re bidding on!
  • Auctioneer’s description – this is legally binding, so listen carefully. The terms and conditions will explain all the terminology used.
  • Bid clearly – don’t wink or tap your nose, simply raise your hand or the catalogue.

It helps to take someone with you who has knowledge of cars and even better buying cars at auction.

Check out our guide on how to avoid buying a dodgy used car HERE

What Else Do I Need to Know About British Car Auctions?

What Else Do I Need to Know About Car Auctions?

Final Words
So you’ve purchased your perfect ride. Before driving the car away and no matter how short of cash you may be, never drive it out of the pound if you are in any doubt about the amount of petrol in the tank.

Never, whatever you do, buy a car from outside an auction, even if it is offered to you at a bargain price. Consider that these cars are more than likely stolen and you will lose all of your money to a fraudster.

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