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Police Car Auctions | What You Need to Know!

Wondering About Buying at a UK Police Car Auction? Here’s The Information You Need

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Buying an Ex Police Car at Auction May Seem Like A Good Deal. Here’s What You Need To Know

Each year some ten million cars are sold in the UK. One and a half million of these are sold through car auctions.

People are often wary of cars sold at auctions because they worry that they may not be ‘straight’ or ‘legit’. BUT there’s one kind of auction where you can always guarantee that the cars on display are exactly what they say they are: Police Cars.

Are ex police cars worth buying?

Figures suggest that some 5,000 Police Cars are sold online and at Police Car Auctions each year and if you know where to look, you can nick yourself a bargain. Police vehicles are sold through traditional auction houses.

Police Car Sales usually take place every couple of weeks, and they are held right across the country.

Once a police car has served its time, it’s stripped of all its Police markings, and equipment. The siren, radio, gun box etc are ripped out and it’s serviced, before going under the hammer. These vehicles are used daily and may have covered more miles than your average family runabout but, Police Cars are kept in tip-top condition. No expense is spared in keeping these motors immaculate and they receive the best service and replacement parts.

When a police car is sold at auction the money raised goes back to the police forces selling them. After the auctioneer fee and decommissioning costs it’s considered to be the most cost effective method when renewing their fleet. This is all good news for the consumer. If you’re willing to overlook some of the cosmetic scarring that can result from decommissioned Police vehicles then you can drive off having made a tidy saving.

GAUK Auctions database lists every auctioneer where you can find expolice cars at auction.

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Wondering About Buying a Police Stolen/Recovered Vehicle? Here’s Some Information

One of the more creative ways to buy a quality vehicle for a bargain price is to attend a UK police car auction. At this type of car auction, vehicles routinely sell for a fraction of their market or “book” value.

The police impounded these cars for various infractions committed by their owners, such as crime, fraud or unpaid tickets. In some cases, cars worth over £5000 are sold at auction and cars worth under £5000 are crushed within two weeks. Any fees and expenses incurred are charged to the registered owner. So, it seems that there are bargains to be had at a police car auction.


Discover how to spot:

  • Ringers – Cars with a new identity
  • Cut and Shut – Cars that are actually two different vehicles welded together 
  • Clockers – Cars that have traveled many more miles than is recorded on the dashboard
  • Clones – Cars that carry the copied licence plates of a similar car 
  • Accident Damaged – Cars that have been in bad accident then ‘bodged’ and resold
  • Death Traps – There are many criminals out there willing to put YOUR life at risk for a quick buck!!!
  • Ex-Public Service Vehicles – Cars and vans that were once, Taxis, Ambulances, Police cars… and disguised. Believe us, they don’t make good second hand cars

This report is about redressing the balance of power

If they want to fight dirty then you have two choices:

  1. Lay down and take it.
  2. Fight them on their terms.

It’s up to you!!!

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What Kind of Vehicles Will I Find at a Police Automobile Auction?

What Kind of Vehicles Will I Find at a Police Car Auction?

The term ‘police car auction’ is used widely and generally refers to auctions that feature vehicles seized by the various authorities, insurance companies, bailiffs, banks and the police themselves.

These auctions are normal held alongside general used car auctions.

The cars going under the hammer at this kind of auction can also include bikes, motorhomes and vans, along with many other vehicles. Seized vehicles will be inspected and a value estimated. They are listed and auctioned off often with no-reserve to the highest bidder, exactly like a regular auction.

Many of these car auctions include unwanted surplus of police vehicles. As previously stated, these are sometimes auctioned in job-lots, sold in quantity to used car dealers. One of the advantages of grabbing an ex-police car at auction is that it will have been extensively serviced and maintained by qualified professionals.

Generally, there’s a good mix of cars at a police public car auction. The cars are impounded from owners from all segments of society.

While only the more valuable cars are auctioned, they sell often sell for a fraction of their market value. A good reason to attend a police vehicle auction is that it’s  likely that the cars were in good running condition when seized. Although most of the cars impounded are “middle-aged,” it’s sometimes possible to find newer models.

How Do I Find Out About Police Seized Car Auction Dates?

How Do I Find Out About Police Seized Car Auction Dates

“Where do I find police car auctions near me”

These events are always advertised well in advance. Just check the “Public Notice” section of your local newspaper for dates, times and locations. You also may be able to find specific information about police car auctions online. All you need to do it type in a relevant search phase using one of the major search engines like Google or Yahoo.

Or you could save valuable time and register at GAUK Motors for up to date alerts and information

How Do I Participate in a Police Auction?

How Do I Participate in a Police Auction?

To participate in a Police Car Auction simply attend, register and begin bidding!

You’ll be required to register and obtain a bidder number. Auctions sometimes charge a small fee for registration. It’s also a good idea to arrive early at the public police car auction so you can inspect the vehicles. If possible, bring a mechanic with you. If you win the bid, it might be possible to drive it home on a temporary permit, so be sure to bring your driver’s license and proof of insurance.

Check local regulations on this topic so you’re well informed.

What Else Do I Need to Know About Police Auto Auctions?

It’s a always a good idea to buy a price guide guide book that lists the market values of the types of cars you’ll be bidding on.

This will help you decide what a fair price for a given vehicle would be. Also, remember that the vehicles at a local police car auction are sold “as is,” meaning that there’s no warranty or recourse if you have a problem with the car. There’s no returning the car for a refund, either. Generally, cash is preferred and credit cards are not accepted. You are also responsible for any applicable taxes and fees.

A public police car auction is a great way for UK buyers to find affordable vehicles while participating in an exciting event where superior bargains can be had.

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