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Dealer Marketing Package | Custom Vehicle Feed


  • Priority development of your dealer feed to GAUK Motors.
  • Live usually within seven days
  • Once your feed is live GAUK will maintain it including updates if necessary (eg if your site changes)
  • Feeds automatically monitored 24/7


Automatically feed your inventory to the GAUK Motors search


GAUK Motors is a highly specialised search engine. Unlike general search, aggregation requires that we pull information from the wide and varied sites across the net and output it in a simple, usable format.

GAUK Motors has undertaken to feature vehicles from ALL sources in the UK. If you are a dealer/auctioneer we will eventually get round to you. Each vehicle feed requires a custom script to be written by our team to pull the relevant data from your unique site.

Feeds are developed and added to GAUK Search in no particular order, the list is the list and we’re working through it!

BUT for a small fee we’ll dedicate a programmer to your site and set up a feed within SEVEN days.


Highly specialised, highly accurate, advert-free search is the new trend and to demonstrate just how refreshing and rewarding it can be, GAUK Motors is aimed at the UK and is now live.

GAUK Motors is on a journey and we can’t wait to have you onboard … so hop in and let’s do some skids, drifts and big, fat burnouts together!

solving vehicle aggregation issues

Motors! … By far the biggest marketplace. Millions upon millions of vehicles are sold across the Globe each year, Terabytes of information published daily.

Motors! … By far the biggest marketplace

Almost five years ago we embarked upon an incredible journey with one aim in mind – to make life just that little bit easier when tracking down the perfect motor.

Now the definition of ‘perfect’ will mean different things to different people. One person might be looking for the most powerful vehicle in its class, another may be looking for that perfect colour, another may be looking for the perfect price and another may be looking for the rarest of the rare.

We set out to provide a platform that will help anyone find their Perfect Ride …
Now GAUK Gen4 Software is set to power aggregation across a number of marketplaces

Finding specific information on the net was (and still is) tedious and frustrating. Firstly, to find the dealer or auction house, you need to do a Google search. Google will present you with a list of links ranked by their almighty algorithm created to index every website in the world in every country, covering every niche.

From the pages of Google links you have to decide which one best suits your needs (because Google barely gets it right!) and follow them into each website. Then you have to navigate your way to the information you want within different websites all with different layouts.

To further compound the issue, there are over two thousand auctioneers/thirteen thousand dealers in the UK alone.

Unfortunately, due to the mysterious Google algorithm, only a fraction of those companies can even be found.

It was this demand that drove site development towards something exponentially more comprehensive and targeted. We set out to develop a platform that would display ALL the lots from ALL the different sources in one easy to use, searchable app.

Furthermore, we needed to do this automatically because frankly, auctioneers and dealers just don’t have the time or the resources to upload catalogues to third party sites.

They do however, religiously update their own!

GAUK Motors launch car search software

Hundreds of websites, hundreds of thousands of
cars, vans, commercials, plant & machinery and vehicles.

Why spend hours scouring the net for your perfect vehicle when GAUK Motors can do it for you in seconds?

Our proprietary software automatically monitors hundreds of websites aggregating hundreds of thousands of vehicles into a single, searchable database. Customise your car feeds to display only what you’re looking for in My GarageSimple!

More Vehicles In One Place … GAUK Motors, National Automotive Search Engine

GAUK Motors Delivers The BEST DEALS On Cars, Vans And Commercial Vehicles

Simply put, GAUK Motors has done the hard work so searchers don’t have to!

Each day our software gathers real-time listings from literally hundreds of websites and collates it into a single, easy to use platform. We list vehicles from dealers, private sales and car auctions.

  • Real time inventory
  • Updated hourly
  • Dates and times of upcoming sales
  • Vehicles at auction
  • Vehicles in classifieds
  • Vehicles from dealers
  • Every town covered
  • Every state covered
  • Search, save & compare dashboard
  • Historical and current valuations
  • Spec & Stats for every vehicle ever built
  • Contact sellers directly

The Platform

GAUK Motors My garage

GAUK has been proven and tested over many years, it has grown from the ground up, in the trenches and is absolutely rock solid.

Speed, Usability & Accuracy

When we began programming GAUK Motors we already had a wealth of experience. Forget the bells and whistles, ‘getting the result’ is at the top of every survey regarding customer satisfaction.  People simply want to find what they’re looking for.

Not only have we built GAUK Motors with our trifecta at the top of the brief, we end every programming phase by going back and checking the flow. It’s something we’ll keep doing as we grow. As for speed, we cache and optimise every element of the site. Faster, bigger stronger!


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