Bring your ideas to life with the GAUK Gen4 MegaSearch aggregation app

At GAUK Media, we’ve built the world’s first white label search and aggregation platform that allows you to start your very own highly specialised search and comparison website. There’s no infrastructure to buy, set up, or manage, you just bring your idea, and we'll do the rest.

About Specialised Search

The fastest growing and most profitable sector on the Internet is specialised search and aggregation.

The major search engines, although dominant, really don’t do a great job at specialised search. They’ve developed their algorithms to be a one-stop-fix-all solution. The same formulae is applied no matter what you're looking for and if the website you're interested in does not conform to the algorithm, you’ll spend valuable time trolling through pages of links, only to find your target many pages in.

At the dawn of search, websites were ranked and checked by humans, but as things grew and algorithms became more sophisticated, automation took over. 

The new trend is moving back to smaller, more accurate aggregators and search tools.

About GAUK Motors

To prove the concept we developed GAUK Motors and GAUK Auctions on the Gen4 platform.

When you do a search through GAUK Motors an actual, real human has checked and set up every single result feed. Not a single second is wasted by the searcher digging through irrelevant garbage.

GAUK Motors is powered by what we believe to be the most advanced, highly engineered, aggregation software ever built. 

Having said that, it’s useless without human input!

Software can only spit out results for the information that is entered so GAUK Motors software mechanics do the donkey work and fettling. 

The first major decision was the programming framework. Without getting geeky we chose PHP and Laravel. Many developers prefer Laravel over other frameworks because of the performance, features and scalability it offers. It has been the perfect architecture for our needs.

The platform is not only built to look sexy and deliver a sophisticated user experience, it also has to do the heavy lifting. GAUK Gen4 has to manage and collate data from multiple sources and output it into a beautiful, elegant, intuitive platform. That output also has be mobile and web based.

Yet that’s only half the story. How to input that data? 

To say that every website is different is an understatement … in reality, automation is extraordinarily difficult to achieve.

We have a small yet scalable team in the Philippines who write proprietary scripts for each and every website we feature. That script has to have a feather-light touch on the host, it then has to be programmed to run at a certain time but in such a way as to not slow down our servers. The results then have to be fed into our main database and in turn have to be output seamlessly to the end user.

Each website we feature becomes what we call a ‘feed’. Each feed can be customised by the user and monitored in My Garage. Users can customise feeds with any number or variants to find that perfect Motor and they can set up as many feeds as they like (depending on subscription options).

Users can set up alerts linked to their customised feeds so that they never miss that perfect motor.

GAUK has been in the auction niche for many years and we chose to launch in an even more specific marketplace with Motors. We're bringing together in one place, all vehicles coming up for sale by auction, dealers and private sales in Europe and the Americas.

It’s grand task but with our software we’re well on the way.

Although we chose motors there are literally thousands of niches we could have chosen and we think we’ll be tied up with it for many years to come.

It’s a dilemma because we developed GAUK Gen4 to make life simpler and better for searchers … The answer


Interested in building your own?

The GAUK MegaSearch Engine is a complete and managed toolbox. We built it from the ground up to be highly specialised yet flexible, scalable and stylish. We've built tech without boundaries.

Launch your idea rapidly with the GAUK Gen4 rich collection of features and customisations.

Customers love our systematic, feature-based approach to app building. It makes extending the feature set fast and enjoyable, leaving more time to focus on growing your idea. We work with developers, that’s why we’ve built the GAUK Engine from the ground-up as a powerful, easy to understand framework with an aim to expose our API for flexible development.


It couldn't be easier to launch your idea!

Launching your new search engine has never been simpler. At GAUK Media, we strive to ensure that bringing your ideas and brands to life in a quick, and painless way is effortless.

Not only do we make our platform available to but we also run our own business GAUK Motors on it. Since 2000 we have been have developing a platform that will deliver high performance products allowing you to hit the market quickly. Now there's a clear, simple route to market with none of the barriers.

GAUK Media also bring to the table their vast wealth of experience in running a large scale project. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about the huge expense of starting from scratch. You have expert help without the price tag.


So you’ve had a great idea for a specialised search and comparison app. You’ve possibly made some initial approaches to agencies or have done some research. You've probably got quoted an staggering figure to build that Turbo-Search Engine!

Look, we feel your pain! It's taken years to develop GAUK and it's been crafted through in-the-trenches warfare in the real world with our livelihoods on the line. When planning your own app you think you may have all the bases covered ... believe us, there are things you'll come across that you just can't plan for until you they take you out over night.

The biggest hurdles you'd have to overcome only present themselves as you actually grow. Success is actually your biggest enemy!

With GAUK Media you can sit back and enjoy success as your idea comes to life easily and cost-effectively. We've built a platform that will cope with scaling, we run IBM dedicated servers that will not crash as you grow, our software is streamlined, state-of-the-art and will not fail under load.

You bring the idea, the branding, and the content/text you want. You’d provide us with your colour schemes and any other important information. You can choose from existing features, or request customisations unique to you and your product.


Your idea is going to need your help to get off the ground (and lots of it!). As a partner this obligation is something not to be underestimated. GAUK Media websites have been something of a oddity in that they've actually been extremely profitable. We can and will help with marketing and offer expert advice, and structure our partnership ... it’s in our best interest that you’re successful.

Building your marketing presence can be done across any platform, and can be measured using our partner dashboard as well as our advertising dashboard.





It’s simple for you to keep up with technology with ongoing upgrades and new features at no additional cost. You can have peace of mind that your members will be well looked after with your ticket system. There are literally thousands of marketplace ideas. How can you make someone's life easier? International currency options available. We support multiple languages, for international or worldwide accessibility.





Your platform is hosted on our dedicated servers for maximum efficiency and up-time. Expert operations team for your security, scale support. We have you covered for any new releases. We provide detailed reporting and analytics, access to our data science insights, and custom admin panels for every partner. We have a wealth of experience on various advertising platforms. We'll do all we can to help get that idea rocking and rolling!


Every product is different, and we cater to everyone from multinational publishers, to individuals with that entrepreneurial spark. It’s because of this our pricing is very varied, depending on what’s asked.

Please click on the button below and get in touch. let us have a brief overview about your plans and ideas and we can get back to you with a full quotation and set up plan.