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Tue, Aug 30, 2016 1:51 AM

15 Quick Tips to Buying a Quality Used Car

Buying a quality used car can be difficult unless you know what to look for.

Many people only look at the selling price and see a bargain, indeed this can be very tempting but you could in fact be putting you and your family at risk.

You should make sure the car has had a full check and seek professional advice to avoid getting a dud deal.

Below are some tips on finding a good and safe bargain:

  • Make sure that when looking at the selling price you also take into account any work that may need done, insurance and tax. Do some price research beforehand
  • Do not look at a car at night as it can look completely different and you may miss many faults.
  • Check all documentation thoroughly, such as the MOT certification and make sure they are up to date and detail the cars history. Make sure the owner also has valid insurance.
  • Make sure you see the V5 vehicle registration as this will ensure that you know who the owner is. Many people sell on behalf of others so you need to meet the real owner.
  • Make sure the car comes with the keys that were originally issued as these can often be very expensive to replace.
  • Always test drive the car before you purchase to ensure you like the way it feels and that it works properly.
  • Look for any traces of a DIY repair job; check for markings of spray paint, replaced door panels or tailgate.
  • Keep an eye out for damage to the underneath of the cars seats, seats can be expensive to replace.
  • Do not give the seller any money until you have finalised all arrangements such as a scheduled delivery or collection and any work to the car that has been agreed to be fixed.
  • Do not be bullied into buying a car and if you feel unsatisfied by what is on offer then remember that you are perfectly within your rights to walk away.
  • Be sure to check the warranty before signing anything to ensure you know what is and is not covered and to make sure it will not cost you any extra.
  • You can also attend auctions to buy a used car but make sure you do not get too carried away with the excitement of bidding. Set yourself a budget and stick to it.
  • Always read the terms and conditions of any sale that you may commit to.
  • When possible, take someone that has some experience/knowledge on buying used cars.
  • Always fully test the car as soon as possible after buying.

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