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Price asked:  


  • Why am I buying this car?
  • What do I intend to do with it?
  • Will it be my commute vehicle?
  • What service and support is locally available?
  • Will I be driving it year-round or summer only?
  • Do I want to work on the car more than driving it?
  • Am I willing to pay a premium because someone else has already done most
    of the serious work on the car?
  • What is the most that I’m willing to pay for this car?
  • What is the least that I think that the car can be had for?


1a. Is it Right- or Left- hand drive?
1b. Which model and cc is it?
1c. T Is this your car? Y N*
1d. Is it on finance? N Y
1e. (Europe) Is it EU registered? Y N*
1f. Do you have the registration document to hand? Y N*

Most of the following group of questions can be verified on sight of the
registration document.

2a. Is it Manual or Automatic?
2b. Is this stated on the registration? Y N*
2c. What is the registered colour?
2d. Has it been resprayed? N Y*
2e. What colour is the interior?
2f. Any cuts or wear on the seats? N Y*
2g. Has it been in any accidents or been subject to any paid insurance claims? N Y*
2h. How many previous keepers are there?
2i.T Is your or your partner’s name on the registration? Y N *
2j.T Is the car kept at the registered address? Y N*
2k. T Is this your home? Y N*
2l. Which month/year was it first registered?
2m (UK). What is the MOT number?
2n (UK). How much road tax is on it?

This group of questions establishes usage, trade connections, fuel
consumption and mileage.

3a. When did you buy it?
3b.T How many miles have you put on since?
3c.T Do you drive for a living? N Y*
3d.T What do you use it for?
3e.T How much city driving do you do?
3f.T Are any members of your household, traders, or involved in the car business in some other way?N Y*
3g. What is the average fuel consumption?
3h. And in town?
3i. Can we check it on a full tank? Y N*
3j. What is the clock mileage?
3k. Do you believe this is accurate? Y N*

This group of questions establishes the care, the attention and the amount of money, spent on the car.

4a. Do you have a full service history? Y N Part.
4b. When was the last service?
4c. Was that a Major or Minor service?
4d. Is that with a Main dealer, Approved agent, Local garage or Yourself?
4e. Who, and where are they?
4f. Is there any evidence of………….(specific problem with this model)? N Y*
4g. Will anything serious require attention soon? N Y*
4h. Is it all mechanically sound? Y N*
4i. Does it have a tow bar? N Y
4j.T What do you pull with it?
4k. What’s the bodywork like?
4l. Any rust or paint bubbling anywhere? N Y* [If any, where?]
4m. Is all the chrome bright and free of scratches? Y N
4n. Does it have original manufacturer fitted tyres? Y N
4o. Does the spare match? Y N
4p. Are they all good? Y N*
4q. How recent is the exhaust?
4r. Is that a Dealer, Original, Factored, Pattern or Used part?
4s. Has anything else been replaced? Y N
4t. Do you have the receipts for these? Y N*

These questions establish that you might be seriously interested in this car.

5a. Does it have:

  Yes No
AWD• all wheel drive    
ABS• anti-lock brake system    
PAS• power assisted steering    
(R) Al•/Immob• (remote) alarm/immobiliser    
CL• central locking    
(e)SR• (electric) sunroof    
(e)W• (electric) windows    
(e)M• (electric) mirrors    
(e)SF&R• (electric) seats front and rear    
AIRCON• air conditioning    
Airbag• Driver’s Passenger’s    
Alloys• alloy wheels    
Leather• leather seats    
H/L W/W• headlight wash wipe    
RAD•Tape•CD•CD box• radio, tape, compact disc, compact disc multiplayer    
CRUISE/ASC• Automatic Speed Control    
Fogs• foglights    
Phone• car phone    
Roof Rails• to attach roof bars to fit roof box.    
Roof Box• extra storage.    
Self-Level Suspension    
Rear W/W• rear wash-wipe    
Extra Rear Seats•    

5b. Is this all factory fitted? Y N*
5c. Has the car been modified in anyway? N Y
5d. Which music system is fitted?
5e. Is it Pull out, Face off or Fixed?

These questions establish that you might be seriously interested in this car.

6a.T Sounds good: why are you selling?
6b. What’s your lowest price?
6c. I’m really interested. I need the VRM, the VIN, the engine number, your and the previous registered keepers’ name and address. I need also, the original main dealer to security check it and confirm any service record (and warranty).

VRM Registration:  
Engine number:  
Previous registered keeper’s name and address:  








Original main dealer:  




6d. When will it be convenient for my inspection engineer to check it over?
6e. Is it insured to drive? Y N*
6f. I need directions to get to you:















Give them all the details you want confirmed; model, body style and colour, engine size and number, trim level and colour and confirm the VIN and VRM relate to it all.

Next, ask them the likely locations of all the VIN stamps on the car:

Were the windows were security etched? Y N

published by Gauk