Credit agreements and warranties on cars

Information on manufacturer’s warranties and cars bought on credit.

Buying a Car at Auction: Sold as Seen

You don't have the same protection when buying a car at auction as you do when buying goods from a trader.

What can I do to get my newly purchased car repaired? Your Rights

What steps you can take if your car dealer has offered to repair your car, has already attempted to fix it or is refusing to repair your vehicle.

Private Car Sales, Do You Know Your Rights?

Advice on cars bought in private sales, what rights you have and what steps you can take if you have a problem.

10 ways to avoid online second hand car scams

It's easy to buy and sell cars online. However, according to a car trading website,, there are a growing number of criminals who target online used car buyers and sellers.

7 Top Tips to Spot a Stolen Car

If you buy a stolen car, the police can take it from you to return it to the original owner or the insurance company.

How Much Money Could Your Car Sell For At Auction?

A lot of people think of auctions as simply being places where you can sell antiques or collectables, but the reality is most items can be sold at auction, including cars.

PRESS RELEASE. The World's Most Powerful Automotive Search Engine Launched

GAUK Motors Launch Vehicle Super Search POWERING the Most Comprehensive Cars at Auction Site in the UK

TOP TEN TIPS FOR AVOIDING ONLINE FRAUD Classic Cars, Motorcycles, Automobilia

If it sounds too good to be true they say, that is because it is. Is this true? People are always advertising underpriced cars and because of this it causes vulnerability.

The most essential questions to ask when buying a used car

Motoring Used Car Guide: Talk-u-thru-check-list - The essential questions to ask before buying a car