Car Cloning - How to Avoid Buying a Stolen Car

The head of the police’s vehicle crime unit says there needs to be a shake-up of the way second hand cars are bought.

6 Tips to selling your car on eBay motors

There is an increasing trend for people to sell their car on eBay motors, rather than going the traditional route of putting an ad in a trade magazine.

Police Update on Buying a Car Crime Prevention

If you are about to buy, or are thinking of buying a new car, there are some practical things that you need to look out for.

Credit agreements and warranties on cars

Information on manufacturer’s warranties and cars bought on credit.

Buying a Car at Auction: Sold as Seen

You don't have the same protection when buying a car at auction as you do when buying goods from a trader. 

Stunning 1968 Jaguar E Type - the best British car ever - could make £75,000 at auction

This stunning 1968 Jaguar E Type has undergone a seven year nut and bolt restoration and is being sold by Charterhouse, estimated at £65,000-75,000

What can I do to get my newly purchased car repaired? Your Rights

What steps you can take if your car dealer has offered to repair your car, has already attempted to fix it or is refusing to repair your vehicle.

Private Car Sales, Your Rights

Advice on cars bought in private sales, what rights you have and what steps you can take if you have a problem.

Faulty headlights and brake lamps can lead to fatal accidents, motoring association warns

An estimated half a million cars with a defective light will present an even greater hazard on the roads when the evening commute in the dark returns, says the AA.

10 ways to avoid online second-hand car scams

It's easy to buy and sell cars online. However, according to a car trading website,, there are a growing number of criminals who target online used car buyers and sellers.



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