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Accossato Motorcycles

The Accossato was a motorcycle manufactured at Moncalieri, Italy between 1976 and 1990.

Bikes were powered by 49cc, 79cc and 124cc Minarelli engines and were built for enduro, trials and motocross riders.


Accossato History

Accossato was founded in 1969 on an idea of the founder Giovanni Accossato.

Founded by Giovanni Accossato in Moncalieri near Turin, from 1969 the company manufactured a range of quite successful 50cc and later 80cc watercooled motocross and enduro machines up until 1990, using Minarelli and Hiro engines. These good looking machines reputedly developed 21 to 23hp, winning the 80cc class of the European championship in 1983, 84 and 85. They also produced 125cc models pushing out 33hp. Accossato now manufactures a variety of components for the Italian motorcycle industry including levers, throttle assemblies, radiators and a variety of quality forgings.

Its history since the early years has been characterized by countless successes related to sports competitions just think of the Enduro World achieved in 1985 with the pilot Wall in 1985 and the European titles of 1983 and 1984.

The highest production motorcycle Accossato was 800 specimens per year divided between the displacements 80 and 50cc, the last period of activity it is also expressed in the 125cc displacement.

The special feature of these bikes is that they were out of step with the times, but later, just think that the Accossato bikes were the only ones with Kawasaki to have been presented to the Motorcycle Show with aluminum swingarm instead of steel, and that the bike that won the world Championship in addition to having much of the parts produced in the house had the same engine as the product inside.

In the last years of its activity, the company producing the homonymous Accossato bike started, larger and larger every year , the production of parts for companies in the sector and the first customer with whom he began a collaboration was Aprilla with which even today can boast over forty years of collaboration.

To date the memory of Accossato Moto it remains alive in fans that if the recall or who have tried it, there is more to a gathering of these motorcycles in Heidelberg in Germany and also an installation project of a museum.