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The Anhut was an automobile manufactured in Detroit, Michigan, by the Anhut Motor Car Company from 1909-1910.

The company was founded by politician John Nicholson Anhut and the factory was located at 510 Howard Street in Detroit. Detroit mayor Philip Breitmeyer was vice-president of the company.

Their vehicle, known as the Anhut 6, used a six-cylinder overhead valve engine of 3.7L displacement. Three body styles were offered: a roadster, toy tonneau and tourer, each sharing a price of $1800. In mid-1910, Anhut relinquished control of the company in order to concentrate on his upcoming re-election to the Michigan State Senate. The company was taken over by factory superintendent HC Barnes, who re-organised the company into the Barnes Motor Car Company in September 1910.Barnes planned to build a six-cylinderengined car for $2,250 and a four-cylinder engined car for $1,400, but the company was bankrupt by November 1910. In January 1911 the physical remains of the company was sold to the Autoparts Company of Detroit, who specialised in buying up the assets of automobile companies that had gone out of business.

The Anhut Motor Car Co. built both two passenger roadsters and four passenger touring cars on a common chassis that were powered by six cylinder engines that developed 36 Horsepower. Shown above are the 1909 Anhut Light Six Thirty Six Roadster and Touring car.

In this 1909 Anhut advertisement a Roadster was priced at $1800.00 fully equipped. The Anhut Motor Car Co. was purchased by the Barnes Automobile Company which failed within two years of sale. A Canadian manufacturer in Chatham, Ontario produced a few a few prototypes of the Anhut automobile. However, full production of the Anhut was never reached.