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Atala Motorcycles

Italian bicycle factory Atala began producing motorcycles in 1923 (some say 1925) with JAP and Blackburne motors and mostly English components.

Engines were 174cc to 496cc in sv and ohv.

Brief History of the Marque: Atala 
Italy 1923-1935 & 1954-87

After the war they built many motorcycle components as well as a range of lightweights including mopeds and scooters of 49cc, 69cc, 98cc and 124cc using Minarelli engines and probably other brands. It is believed that scooter production ceased around 1987. The parent company was Rizzato, which bought the Atala company in the 1930s.

The S.A. Officina Meccanica Atala was established in 1909 by Emerico Steiner who initially (probably until 1919) produced bicycles.

The turning point was in 1924 when the factory displayed at the Milan show a machine with their own 124 cc two-stroke horizontal engine with a two-speed gearbox and chain drive, available in Turismo and Sport versions.

This venture proved quite successful, leading the via Oglio business to develop a 350cc Blackburne engined model, accompanied by a 175cc JAP and in 1932, a 500cc JAP.

In 1934 Atala ceased production of motorcycles and continued with bicycles.

Atala motorcycles were also used in competition. In the 1925 Circuito del Lario their motorcycles were ridden by Ernesto Gnesa and Giovanni Gianoglio.

In 1938 the Atala brand was acquired Caesar Rizzato & c. which, after the war, continued to build bicycles, light motorcycles and mopeds.

In the 1950s, 60s and into the 70s Rizzato built mopeds and 50cc sports motorcycle under the Atala marque.