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Avinton Motorcycles

Avinton is a brand of French motorcycle inspired by American muscle cars  in general and the AC Cobra 427 in particular.


The brand first appeared under the name of Wakan, property Engineering and More Ltd. based in Aniane , in the department of Herault, is also the name of the bike model produced by this company. Wakan in India, means sacred and elusive.

Created Joel Domergue initiative in 1999 , Wakan specializes in small-series production motorcycle. Joel Domergue is not at his first attempt, having already launched Scorpa .

The range is built around one model, but two versions: road or circuit, respectively called 100 Roadster and Track Racer . The first prototype is hitting the road in July 2005; pre-commercialization begins in late 2006. Wakan ceases trading in 2011.


The engine is a V-twin open at 45 ° to 1640 cm, exactly 100 inch cubes, developing 115 hp at 6250 rev / min and over 15 kgm of torque at 4150 rev / min. This engine is said square , that is to say, the bore and stroke of eachpiston are identical: 101.6 mm . The engine is mounted in a girder framework minimalist containing the oil and leaving the view of the engine. This engine is the work of the American company S & S (for Smith & Smith, based in Chicago ), specialized in the construction of engines, especially for dragsters championships and speed records on the Bonneville Salt Flats .

Braking is provided at the front, by a single NG disc 340 mm in diameter, pinched by AJP a six-piston caliper. The back is seen with a disc of 220 mm and a dual piston caliper. The inverted telescopic fork with 46 mm diameter stems catalog Ceriani. It is adjustable for rebound, compression and preload. The shock absorber is a Sachs. The lighthouse was the subject of a deposit certificate . It incorporates indicators, the dashboard and his computer from the Aprilia SXV and all the connections.

A fake tank houses the air filter, while the real tank is placed under the saddle. This arrangement lowers the center of gravity. Moreover, the false tank features such as muscle cars American, fresh air intake via a prominent vortec the opening butterfly trips, under the action of an electromagnet, from2300 rev / min .

The Wakan is conceived primarily for the United States . The market is more important for this type of machine.

Not until 2008 and the development of a supply by a Keihin carburetor 41 mm in diameter, a catalyzed exhaust, to meet anti-pollution standards Euro 3 and see Wakan marketable in Europe. The muffler is not catalyzed.

The rims are aluminum forged and created by Marchesini specifically for this machine.

The racing release also has a higher compression ratio than the production model.


Cédric Klein bought the plans and patents of Wakan and created his own brand, Avinton.

The bikes are built to the unit to correspond exactly to the wishes of its future owner, whether driving position (adaptation based on the morphology by acting on the three contact points of the driver: height handlebar, saddle and positioning of footrest), temperament (of reasonable conduct in sports driving) and his taste in aesthetics. They are fully assembled by hand in the factory of Sommières.