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Beacon Motors Ltd was a British automobile manufacturer based in Hindhead, Surrey from 1912-1913 moving to Liphook, Surrey until 1914.

The first Beacon was equipped with an air cooled JAP V-twin engine which had a displacement of 1248 cc. The 7 feet 6 inch (2286 mm) wheelbase, 3 feet 10 inch (1150 mm) track chassis was a conventional one with half elliptic leaf spring suspension front and rear but the bodywork could be specified made from cane basketwork. Drive was to the rear axle through a variable ratio friction drive and chains.

Later models had a slightly smaller engine with 1089 cc capacity made by the French company Griffon. The later cars had shaft drive and a three speed transmission located with the rear axle.

Production stopped on the outbreak of World War I.


Model Years Cylinders Capacity Wheelbase Weight
10 hp 1912–1913 V-twin 1248 cm³ 2286 mm  
10 hp 1914 V-twin 1089 cm³ 2286 mm 305 kg