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The Beggs Automobile & The Beggs Motor Car Co.

The Beggs Motor Car Co. 
Kansas City, Missouri 

In 1917 The Beggs Wagon Co., which for 25 years had been building farm wagons changed its name and product. By 1919 The Beggs Motor Car Co. was building an American Automobile called the Beggs in Kansas City.

S. M. Beggs was president, C. F. Hutchings and J. S. Lapsley were vice-presidents and Earl Akers, treasurer.

The Beggs was a typical assembled car using standard components of the time including a Continental six cylinder engine. The first Beggs was a $800.00 Model 19 Touring Car equipped with a six cylinder engine that developed 25 horsepower. By 1920 a $1,000.00 Touring Car was produced. In 1921 a Beggs $1,775.00 five passenger Touring Car, a $2,775.00 5-7 passenger Sedan and a $1,975.00 4 passenger Sporster were built. The wheelbase was 120 inches.

The 1920 Beggs Touring Car was equipped with a water cooled L-head six cylinder engine that developed 25 horsepower. The bore was 3 1/4 inches and the stroke was 4 1/2 inches. It used a Stromberg carburetor, Connecticut ignition, Exide battery, Auto-Light starter and lighting. In addition the Beggs had a three speed transmission, Stampar rear axle, 33 inch x 4 inch rims and Firestone tires.