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Brooke Cars Ltd is a British car manufacturer of specialist sports cars, based near Honiton in Devon, England.

It was established in 2002, following the purchase of the vehicle rights from Brooke Kensington.


The company produces one model, the Double R, a lightweight two-seater open sports car weighing around 510 kg (1,120 lb). It is powered by a 2.3-litre Cosworth engine in a range of outputs from 200 bhp (149 kW; 203 PS) to 400 bhp (298 kW; 406 PS). The Double R is similar to the previous 1990s Brooke Kensington ME 190.

About Us Form Their WEBSITE

At Brooke Cars our aim is simple, to build beautiful and finely engineered sports cars with the potential to outperform the very latest supercars and reward the driver with a truly thrilling experience. Do not be fooled by the elegant and classic lines, the Brooke Double R is a modern thoroughbred using state of the art components from such well known brands as Cosworth, AP Racing, and Stack to keep us at the cutting edge.

We believe that the ultimate sports car should have a longitudinally mid-mounted engine, the fact that every Formula one car since the sixties has used this design surely confirms that this is the ultimate configuration. The Brooke Double R is also incredibly light, weighing in at around 510Kg depending on spec. These slender figures combined with engines ranging in power from 200-400bhp give the Brooke Double R  acceleration to shock and awe.

A space frame chassis that is light yet exceptionally strong.

The Brooke Double R chassis has been CAD designed using the latest software. Unlike many of our competitors our chassis is manufactured from seamless round tube because it is much stiffer than the square alternatives. Every chassis tube is cut on a CNC tube laser, so every intersection between  mating chassis tubes is perfect. All of the chassis jigs are CAD designed, this use of technology allows us to produce a highly accurate and remarkably stiff chassis which is of course the basis of a fine handling car.

Duratec Power, simply the best lightweight four cylinder engine available!

At the heart of every Brooke is a hand built engine. We offer four different engine specs ranging from 200bhp in our entry level car to a wild 400bhp available from our latest supercharged engine. Every engine is built using Cosworth components to enhance the Duratec’s natural performance. Our naturally aspirated engines are all built and dyno tested in house at Cosworth by the same technicians that build their F1 engines. The Duratec offers superb torque and power figures, with the reliability and driveability that you would expect from a modern engine.

The most exciting car you will ever drive!   0-60mph in 3seconds  0-100mph in 6.5seconds

The Brooke Double R has been designed to give owners the experience of driving a true race car for the road. There are no doors, so you have to step over the screen and lower yourself into the composite seating tub. The seating tub is available in either black or carbonfibre and is bonded into the chassis to further stiffen the design. The moulded shape is designed to hold and support you as only the best race car seats can. The seating position is fixed, and the CNC machined pedals are easily adjustable to allow for  drivers up to 6’4”.

Familiarise yourself with the race car style right hand shift and it is time to push the aluminium starter button and get ready for the off. The Brooke Double R is a remarkably easy car to drive and thanks to the superb levels of grip is very confidence inspiring.

It is only as your confidence builds and you start to push the go pedal hard that everything starts to happen very quickly and you need to raise your game to keep up. The Brooke Double R is without doubt as fast as you want it to be, our 400bhp version frightens superbikes.  

The suspension is firm but compliant, and the ride quality is amazingly good for such a stripped out racer. The AP racing brakes allow you to pull up without concern, and it is impressive how quickly you can slow down from high speed, 100mph to stationary in under 4 seconds.

Every time you drive your Brooke Double R should be a thrilling experience, with the wind in your hair on the open road and the fierce bark of the exhaust scaring the meek as you accelerate out of junctions. When you drive into town the whole world seems to come to a halt as the heads turn in sync. And when you finally park in the garage, you can’t help a quick look back over your shoulder as you head indoors for a calming cup of tea.