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The Correja was an American automobile produced from 1908 to 1915. Built by Vandewater & Co. of Iselin, New Jersey, the car was a shaft-driven 40 hp four of 5808 cc.

In 1911, Correja offered four body styles total: the model A three passenger runabout, the model R two passenger roadster, the model S five passenger toy tonneau, and the model T four passenger touring car. This car wears a 1914 MA license plate and appears to be a model R, two passenger roadster (6 cylinder, 60hp - equipped with compressed air starter, electric lights, gas headlamps and generator, horn, and tools - all for $1950.00). 

The Correja was manufactured by Vandewater & Co., Ltd. of Elizabeth, NJ between 1908 and 1915. Edwin & Frank C. Vandewater started business in Rahway, NJ, building the Eagle car around 1906. By July, 1910 the company is listed as being incorporated (as Vandewater & Co., Ltd.) to build internal combustion engines, steam engines, and automobiles. J. Correra of Iselin, NJ, as well as F.C. Vandewater , E. Vandewater, and S.R. Vandewater are all listed as directors. The Correja and Vandewater families go back aways in the the history of Iselin, NJ and to this day, there are a number of landmarks bearing these family names. 

The company took great pride in it's racing accomplishments (specifically it's hill climb victories) including: 

  • 1910 Brighton Beach Races - 2nd place in the 10 mile pursuit race
  • 1910 Port Jefferson Long Island Hill Climb - 1st place (cars selling for $1201 to $1600)
  • 1911 Brighton Beach Races - 1st place (five miles non-stock)