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Cr&s Motorcycles

CR&S is a company that produces high quality motorcycles, built with sophisticated materials and placed in the “Premium” category.

Every single piece is built on a standard base that can be anyway widely customized according to the different tastes and choices made by the Client. In fact, both aesthetic configuration and the mechanical components can be chosen.

No other motorcycle manufacturer can offer on the market a level of customization such as the one offered by CR&S: “custom-made” bikes.

CR & S is based in Milan and builds motorcycles in small series, born from the passion of a few skilled craftsmen. CR & S stands for Café Racers & Superbikes .

Currently it builds two models, customizable in every component of customer delight, inspired by the motorbikes simple than once. The first model is called "Vun" (from Vun , ie one in the dialect of Milan), a name which refers to the uniqueness of this motorcycle and motor Rotax single cylinder installed. Thanks to its light weight and ease of guidance offered by that engine, "Vun" turns out to be a means extremely easy, fun and effective on the road , without disdaining honorable performance on the track.

The other model is called " Duu " meaning two. The latter is divided into two versions namely the single-seater (deperlù) and tandem (conlatusa). This is a twin-cylinder engine equipped with S & S X-Wedge and was presented in Milan in 2009. The project is the result of Roberto Crepaldi and its design by Donato Cannatello.




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