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Dartz Motorz
Predecessor Russo-Balt
Products Dartz Prombron
Owner Leonard F. Yankelovich

Dartz Motorz Company is a Latvian-based company, subsidiary of Estonian corporation Dartz Grupa OÜ, that designs, manufactures, and sells high performance armored vehicles.

The company constituted itself from a renovated former Russo-Balt factory in Riga, Latvia

Product lineup

In 2009, Dartz attained notoriety with its Prombron model, in part because it was originally available in upholstered leather made from the foreskins of whale penises, which the company subsequently dropped after the controversy was publicized.

The Prombron came in nine distinct models: Iron Diamond, Iron Xtal, Monaco Red Diamond Edition, Black Dragon, Black Russian, Gold Russian, Aladeen, White Horse, and Monako.

Since September 2014, the product line consists of Prombron Black Shark and Black Snake. The Prombron is available in either the Saloon (sedan) or the Pullman (wagon), offered in standard, short, or long wheelbase. The Prombrons are also available in several armour levels, from B2 to B7, with the B7 designed to withstand attacks from rocket propelled grenades, and land mines. In terms of performance, the Prombron is equipped with an AMG V8 or V12 Eegine, which provides the vehicle with a top speed of 250 km/h (155 mph).

Dartz Kombat

In 2010, Red Sea Distribution announced that the T-98 Kombat would be available in North America for a list price starting at $225,000. However, just two years later the T-98 Kombat was phased out, and the Prombron was released.

Dartz's Prombron Monaco Red Diamond Edition was shown at the 2010 Top Marques in Monaco, with an expected price of €1,000,000 ($1.25 million), it would become the world's most expensive SUV. The features included white gold-ruby encrusted embedded badges as well as gold-plated, bullet-proof windows, an exhaust system made out of tungsten, diamond-ruby encrustedgauges, a Kevlar exterior coating, and leather made out of whale penises, though the latter was dropped. It also comes with three bottles of the world's most expensive vodka, RussoBaltique.