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David Brown

David Brown Automotive Limited
Limited Company
Industry Automotive
Founded 2013
Products Limited Edition Automobiles
Owner David Brown

David Brown Automotive is a British manufacturer of limited edition automobiles in Silverstone, England, belonging to British businessman David Brown.

The company began in Coventry in 2013 and moved to a new 18,000 sq ft dedicated build facility and headquarters at Silverstone Park in April 2017.

The company announced Speedback GT, its first model, in March 2014 in London. The vehicle's public debut was at the Top Marques show in Monaco on 17 April 2014. Despite sharing a similar background in engineering, and the same name as previous owner of Aston Martin, there is no family connection between the two companies.

Mini Remastered, a modern reinterpretation of a classic Mini, is the company's second model, launched in Shoreditch, London on 6 April 2017.

The company showcased Speedback GT at the Geneva International Motor Show in 2017, and again in 2018 alongside two examples of Mini Remastered and the newly-launched Speedback Silverstone Edition.

The culmination of a lifelong dream and the realisation that, in order to achieve classic status, one must draw from the past and then embrace the future.

In the early days of motoring, an automobile’s rolling chassis was built independently of the body and interior trim. This meant that individuals in the market for a new car could choose to purchase just the running gear and commission a coachbuilder to design and build the car’s body and interior to their personal specification. Known for quality craftsmanship and design flair, early coach builders produced some of the world’s most desirable cars. As mass-production techniques developed, the car’s body and chassis became structurally unified. As a consequence, the demand for traditional coachbuilding went into decline. Many independent coachbuilders were absorbed by the manufacturers, whilst others evolved into world-famous design houses such as Zagato, Pininfarina and Bertone. Through specialist, low-volume manufacturing processes, David Brown Automotive is defining coachbuilding for the 21st century. A renaissance of bespoke, beautifully-crafted and limited edition automobiles for the discerning individual has arrived. Speedback GT is at the forefront of this high-tech renaissance.

Speedback GT

Speedback GT at Goodwood Revival September 2014
David Brown Automotive Speedback Silverstone Edition, launched at the Geneva International Motor Show 2018

Speedback GT is the first model announced by David Brown Automotive. Launched at the Top Marques Show in Monaco in April 2014, it is a 1960's inspired Grand Tourer, coachbuilt using the highly renowned Jaguar XK all-aluminium platform. The entire car is handcrafted using traditional coachbuilding techniques over a period of 8,000 hours, with the aluminium panels being individually hand-rolled on an English wheel. The price as of April 2018 is £520,000.00 GBP plus local taxes. The company proudly sources its production to British-based suppliers and builds the cars at their new build facility in Silverstone, UK. The company has announced that they will never produce more than 100 Speedback GTs.

Speedback GT was designed by former Jaguar Land Rover designer Alan Mobberley. The bespoke body of each Speedback GT is produced using traditional coach building methods; the aluminium body panels are hand beaten and then rolled over an english wheel. The bucks over which the panels are beaten have been milled out using a 5-axis CNC milling machine from CAD data, obtained from the full-size design clay model.

The powertrain is a 5.0-litre Jaguar AJ-V8 engine generating 510 bhp (380 kW; 517 PS) with a six-speed ZF automatic transmission. It can accelerate 0 to 60 mph (0 to 97 km/h) in 4.6 seconds with further performance upgrades available.

At the Geneva International Motor Show in 2017, Speedback GT was showcased in two specifications, one left-hand and one right-hand drive. These full-production specification examples encompassed over 230 engineering and design refinements from the original Speedback GT prototype, including soft-close technology, refined interior and exterior fit and finish and enhanced noise insulation.

Speedback Silverstone Edition

David Brown Automotive Speedback Silverstone Edition, launched at the Geneva International Motor Show 2018

Launched on 6 March 2018 at the Geneva International Motor Show, Speedback Silverstone Edition is the third special edition model made by David Brown behind both Mini Remastered Café Racers Edition and Monte Carlo Edition.

Strictly limited to 10 examples globally, Speedback Silverstone Edition is a performance-focused version of the company's first model, Speedback GT, and celebrates the company's first anniversary of its move to the new Silverstone build facility and headquarters in April 2017.

Taking design inspiration from classic 1960's racing grand tourers and British jet aircraft of the era, Speedback Silverstone Edition uses the same traditional coachbuilding techniques to craft its bespoke, streamlined hand-rolled aluminium bodywork as Speedback GT, with enhanced performance characteristics from the 5.0-litre Jaguar AJ-V8 engine, developing 601 bhp (448 kW; 609 PS) and 565 lb⋅ft (766 N⋅m) of torque. Updated rear suspension adds further dynamic handling to the model, over the existing set-up from Speedback GT.

Each of the 10 Speedback Silverstone Edition examples will be built to the same specification, with just left-hand and right-hand drive and 2-seater or 2+2 configuration differences.

A bespoke 'Fly by Night' paint finish, applied over 8 weeks is offered on Speedback Silverstone Edition, with a subtle, fading 'Black Night' painted stripe across the length of the body, while the interior cockpit is trimmed in an exclusive 'Antique' tan leather, with brogueing and fluting to the seats, evocative of the 1960's cars and aircraft that the car is inspired by. Premium Kvadrat Remix fabrics and 'Scorched Ebony Macassar' wood veneers are also specified in the interior.

Mini Remastered

Mini Remastered at the Geneva International Motor Show 2018
Mini Remastered, Inspired by Monte Carlo at the Geneva International Motor Show 2018

Mini Remastered is the second model by David Brown Automotive, and is a remastering of the original Mini, built between 1958 and 2000. Mini Remastered was launched at a private event in Shoreditch, London in April 2017, and made its world motor show debut on 20 April 2017 at the Top Marques Show in Monaco.

Launched in three specifications, Mini Remastered was showcased in standard form, alongside two limited-production special editions: Mini Remastered, Inspired by Café Racers, taking inspiration from the classic 1950's motorbike movement, and Mini Remastered, Inspired by Monte Carlo, taking inspiration from the racing heritage of the classic Mini on which the cars are based. Both special editions are limited to just 25 examples globally. Mini Remastered, in standard form, is priced from £75,000.00 GBP plus local taxes.

The 1,000 hour process of creating each Mini Remastered begins with an original classic Mini donor vehicle's 1275cc I4 (A-series) engine and gearbox, fully refurbished and enhanced to deliver up to 83 bhp (62 kW; 84 PS). An all-new steel body shell is bespoke-made by British Motor Heritage, which is then coachbuilt and refined by David Brown Automotive. The shell is de-seamed, every panel gap is profiled and panels are welded together for a uniform shape. Every car goes through a rust-proofing electrophoretic deposition 'E-coat' process and a 4-week paint process. Customers are able to develop their own bespoke paint finish, or choose a paint finish developed exclusively for David Brown Automotive already.

Interior technology and connectivity is added to Mini Remastered, including electric power-assisted steering, air conditioning, electric start/stop button, remote central locking, full LED lighting and a 7 inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple® CarPlay®, satellite navigation, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth® and DAB connectivity.

Mini Remastered is available globally in both left-hand and right-hand drive.