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The DeTamble was an assembled car built by Edward DeTamble, who first located his business in Indianapolis and then moved to Anderson, IN.

At first he manufactured gasoline engines, carburetors and chassis components for the Studebaker Company.

In 1904 Edward S. De Tamble began manufacturing gasoline engines in Indianapolis, IN. This company was called The Speed Changing Pulley Co. Then in early 1908 Edward De Tamble was enticed to relocate his company to Anderson, IN. In Anderson, IN he reorganized The Speed Changing Pulley Company into The De Tamble Motors Co. and produced the De Tamble an American Automobile.

The first De Tamble was a two passenger Runabout with a two cylinder 16 horsepower engine. Priced at $650.00 they were made in very small numbers.

By 1909 The De Tamble Motor Company was producing a much larger and more powerful automobiles. These larger De Tamble automobiles were open models produced as Runabouts or Touring Cars with Four cylinder engines of 30, 36 and 40 horsepower.

In a 1910 De Tamble magazine Ad four different models were offered. A model G 2 passenger Roadster that sold for $1,000.00, a model J five passenger fore door that was priced at $1,200.00, a model K seven passenger fore door selling for $1,675. In addition a $1,150.00 model H five passenger Touring Car. 

The ad claimed that "Just the thing you're looking for - combined high quality and moderate price!" and "The kind of car you can be proud of".

The most popular American Automobile in the De Tamble line was the 36 horsepower Model G two passenger Roadster.  This automobile sold for $1,000.00. 

The De Tamble Motor Co. claimed:

"The Cars that look to cost twice the price, and the Cars that are as good as they look."

Throughout 1909 and into 1910 the financial outlook of The De Tamble Motor Co. was good. However over the next couple of years the company suffered several closures and then receivership, the last was in 1913.