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The Fox Motor Company was an automobile company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from 1921–1923.

The Fox Motor Company was founded by Ansley H. Fox (who had already invented the Fox Shotgun) as his second idea for a company. It was organized on November 21, 1919, but did not begin production until March 1921. The cars had air-cooled engines, and, some claim, were the only cars to give Franklin Automobile company a small run-for-its money. It was claimed to get 20 mpg. The cars were bigger than the Franklins. However, it took a long time to get into regular production, and the company could not get enough investors. Therefore, in 1923, the company went out of business.


Model (year) Engine HP Wheelbase
Model A-1 (1921) Air-cooled 6-cylinder 50 128"
Model A-1 (1922) Air-cooled 6-cylinder 50 132"
Model A-1 (1923) Air-cooled 6-cylinder 50 132"

Ansley H. Fox was an inventor, a professional shooter, entrepreneur, real estate developer and manufacturer who created the classic Fox Shot Gun and named it "The Finest Gun in the World". Ansley H. Fox also manufactured an American Automobile in the early 1920s called the Fox.

As president of The Fox Motor Co., Ansley H. Fox produced a luxurious air cooled automobile.

1921 Fox Touring Car

The Fox Touring Car was beautiful, imaginative and expensive. The two passenger coupe was trim and racy. This was the sort of automobile that appealed to Ansley Fox. The Fox automobile made a good showing while it lasted. It's only serious competition among American Automobiles was the Franklin. The lower and better looking Fox was bigger in both size and engine when compaired to the Franklin. It's wheelbase was 132 inches and the engine rated at 50 horsepower.

1922 Fox Touring Car

In this 1922 Fox Touring Car advertisement claims made included - "This amazing Air-Cooled Car Hurdles A Decade of Motor rogress" and "Fox A Powerful-Beautiful Air Cooled Car". Priced including 5 cord tires, wire, wood or disc wheels, motometer, stabilizers, backing and automatic signal lamps - Open Models $3,900.00 and $4900.00 for closed models. The last Fox was made in 1923.

The Fox air cooled 50 horsepower engine housed six cylinders with aluminum pistons, overhead cam and valves. Manufacturing trends at the time clearly favored water cooled engines. However, the Fox and Franklin used the more mechanically complex air cooling system. Only sporting and luxury automobiles such as Dusenburg, Stutz, and Marmon used overhead cams and valves. The Fox automobile and its large six cylinder water cooled engine was a favorite among bootleggers.