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The McIntyre Company started as the W. H. Kiblinger Company in 1887, manufacturing buggies.

The W. H. McIntyre Co. 
Auburn, Indiana 

After W. H. Kiblinger's death in 1894, William H. McIntyre purchased the company and began experimenting with automobiles as early as 1897. In 1906 they began selling high-wheelers with tiller steering and one-cylinder engines under the Kiblinger name. Prices were as low as $250.

1909 McIntyre's were equipped with air cooled four cycle two cylinder double opposed engines rated at 12-14 and a larger engine that developed 16-18 horsepower. A Planetary Transmission with two speeds forward and reverse was used. Final drive was by chain.

Also available later in 1909 and 1910 was a four cylinder engine rated at 28-32 horsepower. Shaft drive was the final drive on these larger four cylinder engines. The 1910 advertisement below claimed that 20 models were now available. McIntyre models included a complete line of one, two and three seated passenger cars and open and covered delivery wagons.

By 1911 the McIntyre was of conventional design as shown below. Pleasure cars included a couple of four passenger four cylinder engines with a rated horsepower of 30-35. In additional five passenger automobiles with larger and more powerful four cylinder engine that developed 40-45 horsepower. Prices ranged from $1,000.00 to $1250.00 in 1911.

Commercial cars and delivery wagons included 14, 20 and 25 horsepower two cylinder engines. More powerful McIntyre trucks used four cylinder engines that developed 35 horsepower. Prices for these Commercial vehicles ranged for a low of $650.00 to $2500.00.


The company soon grew to occupy a total of five buildings around Auburn, Indiana and employed 400 men. In December 1908, the name was changed to the W. H. McIntyre Co. and the manufacture of buggies and high-wheelers continued, but the line gradually changed to more modern cars and trucks. Trucks of up to 5-ton capacity were offered. McIntyre also had success with its IMP Cyclecar model.

Model overview, 1907–1915

Year Model Engine type / Cyl. Power bhp (kW) Wheelbase in Cost
1907 Kiblinger  ?  ?  ? ?
1908 McIntyre  ?  ?  ? ?
1909 McIntyre Straight 4 cyl. 30 bhp (22 kW) 112 $850
1913 IMP  ?  ?  ? ?


In 1915, the McIntyre Company was forced into bankruptcy. The DeKalb Manufacturing Co. purchased the assets and assembled cars for another two years.