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The Metzger Motor Company manufactured the Everitt from 1909 to 1912.

Articles of incorporation were filed on September 20, 1909 by the Metzger Motor Car Company of Detroit. This was a new corporation to manufacture the American Automobile called the Everitt. The stockholders and officers of the company are Byron F. Everitt president, William Kelly vice president and William E. Metzger secretary and treasurer. The Everitt was designed by William Kelly who designed the Wayneand E-M-F automobiles.

Kelly was one of the pioneers having designed and built automobiles as early as 1899. Everitt and Metzger were well known to the automobile trade having been officials of the Everitt-Metzger-Flanders Company. Everitt and Metzger sold their interest in 1909 to the Studebaker Manufacturing Co.

1909 Everitt Thirty

From 1909 to 1912 The Metzger Motor Car Co. produced a Runabout and a five passenger Touring Car. The Metzger plant was located at 105 Milwaukee Avenue. By 1910 The Metzger Motor Car Co. recognized the demand would be for a high class car at a low price. So the 1909 and 1910 Everitt was priced at $1,350.00.

1910 Everitt 30 Touring Car

The Everitt 30 was like "no other car on the 1910 market" according to The Metzger Motor Car Co. advertising shown above. Standard equipment include five lamps, generator Splitdorf Magneto and a full set of tools. Specifications include a Royal Blue color, four or five passenger, 110 inch wheelbase, 34 x 3 1/2 inch tires, 30 horsepower water cooled four cylinder engine, shaft drive, selective sliding gear transmission with three speeds forward and reverse.

1911 Five Passenger Four Door Everitt

Prices for the 1911 Everitt were increased to $1400.00 and it was described as "The Car That People Want!". Specifications for the 1911 Everitt were about the same. However, in 1912 the Everitt was equipped with a powerful six cylinder long stroke engine that developed 48 horsepower. Other improvements included 36 x 4 inch rims and tires, cellular radiator, 126 inch wheelbase, self starting, top, windshield and speedometer and dual ignition. The Everitt Six was priced at $1,850.00.