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Moto-scoot Motorcycles

Moto-Scoot was a US motor scooter manufacturer in Chicago founded by Normal Siegel in 1937.

While Siegel was in the army during the Second World War, the company was taken over by a group of financiers who changed its name to American Moto-Scoot. The company produced motor scooters until 1947.

Moto-Scoot scooters were offered as inexpensive, convenient, urban transportation in solo or sidecar form and there was even a tri-car with two front wheels and one at the rear. There were also delivery variants, a solo with an extended rear tray and a side-box three-wheeler. There was an extensive range of models that were updated regularly, often with only minor differences. They were equipped with a Lauson or Briggs & Stratton engines and some featured elementary gearboxes with a hand shift lever.