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New Era

The New Era Engineering Co. built a substantial, roomy and good looking American Automobiles in 1916.

The New Era was built in Joliet, Illinois. In June of 1916 The Elgin Motor Car Corp. absorbed the New Era Motor Car Co. thus acquiring the New Era light four and its light delivery wagon.

The officers of the New Era company wer F. J. Alvin, president and general manager, James P. Buckley, vice-president and factory manager, Winthrop Burdick, treasurer and sales manager, and W. J. Burdick, secretary and purchasing agent. The New Era was equipped with a water cooled four cylinder engine that developed 27 horsepower. The bore was 3 1/8 inches and stroke 4 1/2 inches. The ignition was supplied by Allis-Chaimers including their starting and lighting system. A three speed selective type transmission was used along with a silent chain drive to the semi-floating rear axle. Artillery type 30 inch x 3 1/2 inch wheels were used.

In a 1918 American Automobile Advertisement the Wright Motor Car ad features the Inter-State automobile and the Olympian Motors Company features its $1,085.00 Olympian four cylinder Touring Car. Other advertisers include The Mohawk Rubber Co., Double Seal Ring Co. and their automobile piston rings, Cambria Spring Co. who made auto and truck springs, Carboncide Mfg Co. claimed to be the perfect carbon remover and a distributor of Excide Batteries.