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Nordwestdeutscher Fahrzeugbau Nfw

The Northwest German automotive GmbH - abbreviated NWF - was a commercial vehicle manufacturer and car manufacturer based in Mariensiel at Wilhelmshaven.

NWF was founded in 1946 and initially dealt with the production and repair of transport vehicles, trailers and railroad spare parts. From 1948, buses were built on chassis from Ford, Borgward and Büssing . A year later Krauss-Maffei joined the company. According to plans by the aircraft designer Henrich Focke, the lightweight construction bus KML 90 with self-supporting lattice construction and rear-mounted engine was launched at the 1951 IAA. NWF marketed the light metal bus with Ford Hercules diesel engine as NWF FS (Ford Schnellbus), with Deutz diesel engine is as NWF BK4 ( B us K lein with four-cylinder engine F4L 614), as BK 6 and BS (with six-cylinder engine F6L 614) , The NWF prototype of 1951 still had a 95 hp Ford engine with eight cylinders in V-shape.

For the German Federal Railroad , two prototypes of an omnibus were built in the same year as a two- way vehicle under the name Schi-Stra-Bus . These two-axle buses could drive normally on the road. By the hydraulic lifting of the vehicle and then decimating one each bogie with railway wheel sets in front and behind it was also seemed suitable. The drive on the track took place via the tires of the rear axle while the steering of the front axle was locked. 50 pieces were ordered. However, since the concept was not proven in practice, only 15 of these two-way vehicles were actually used.

In addition, the Nordwestdeutsche Fahrzeugbau-Gesellschaft was active as a builder . Especially were chassis for buses, especially trolley buses (including double-decker for HHA ), spanned, but also the bodies of the battery-electric package mail cars for the German Federal Post Office of Lloyd and the Maschinenfabrik Esslingen .

In addition, between 1954 and August 1955, the Fuldamobil was produced under license and sold as a Fuldamobil NWF 200 for which an assembly plant was built in Lohne . 701 copies were produced.

The NWF and Krauss-Maffei agreed to end the cooperation on 1 January 1955. On November 18, 1955, the NWF had to file for bankruptcy .