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Norman Motorcycles

Norman Cycles was a British bicycle, autocycle, moped, and motorcycle manufacturer based in Ashford, Kent, England.

The company and its products are remembered today by the Norman Cycles Club which is based at Willesborough Windmill, in Willesborough, Ashford. The Norman Museum is located in the Windmill's barn and displays some of the Company's mopeds and bicycles.


The Company was originally founded shortly after World War I as the Kent Plating & Enamelling Co by brothers Charles and Fred Norman making frames in a garden shed off Jemmett Road, Ashford. In the 1920s they moved to larger premises in Victoria Road, Ashford and progressed from frame making and finishing to producing cycles.

In 1935 they had a new factory built in Beaver Road, Ashford and the company was renamed Norman Cycles Limited. In 1938 they produced an autocycle (a heavier duty bicycle with a small engine - what would later be more commonly known as a moped). In addition to cycles the company went on to produce mopeds and light motorbikes (with motors supplied by engine manufacturers including Villiers, British Anzani and latterly for their Norman Nippy moped, Sachs engines were used).

During their time they produced many thousands of cycles and motorbikes - weekly production was said to peak at 5,000 bikes, 600 mopeds and 120 motorbikes. In addition to supplying the UK market they exported to many Commonwealth countries using the Rambler trademark. The company enjoyed sporting success with its products. By 1950 Norman Cycles had been acquired by Tube Investments, who would ultimately prefer the Raleigh brand name for cycles.

The Ashford factory closed in 1961. Although products bearing the 'Norman' name continued to be made (Nottingham for cycles and Smethwick for mopeds and motor bikes), the hey-day of the brand had passed and the name ceased to be seen in sales literature after 1963. In tribute to the business, a subsequently built road close to the site of their 1935 factory is named 'Norman Road.'


  • Norman Imp
  • Norman Continental
  • Norman Invader
  • Norman Atlanta
  • Norman Conquest
  • Norman Attacker
  • Norman Beaver
  • Norman Light Roadster
  • Norman Sabre
  • Norman Safety Cycle
  • Norman Tricycle 2P
  • Norman Rapide


  • Norman Motobyk



  • Norman Nippy
  • Norman Lido


  • Norman B1
  • Norman B1 Sports
  • Norman B2
  • Norman B2C (Trials)
  • Norman B3 Roadster
  • Norman B3 Sports
  • Norman B4 Roadster
  • Norman B4 Sports
  • Norman TS