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The Ogren Motor Car Company was a car maker based in Chicago and Waukegan, Illinois from 1915 to 1917, then in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from 1920 to 1923).

History in Illinois

In the fall of 1914, a man named Hugo W. Ogren founded the company in Chicago. At first he made one-off race cars, but in 1915, he started to produce a six-cylinder touring car to sell. In 1915, only prototypes were made. In 1916, capital stock increased to $1,000,000, and Ogren moved his company to a new, larger factory in Waukegan. From 1916 to 1917 he produced a full line of six-cylinder cars. However, the company was short of cash and survived by increasing its capital stock, and so his company went up for auction on Now. 22, 1917.


Model (year) Engine Horsepower Wheelbase Transmission
Model P (1915–1917) Six-cylinder 34 133" 3-speed manual

History in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

In 1919, the company was resurrected, and the Elite ice skating rink in Milwaukee was remodelled into a factory ). But it took some time to remodel, and the first Ogren did not appear until July 1920. The new cars were more expensive and had a more powerful engine (65 hp vs. 34 hp) ). In 1922, more changes were made to the cars, but in 1923, Hugo Ogren left the company to join another one, and the company was reorganized. In Jan. of 1924, the tools and such were sold to Huffman Bros. Motor Co of Elkhart, Indiana ).



Model Engine Horsepower wheelbase Transmission
Six (1920) 6-cylinder 65 132" 3-speed manual
Six (1921) 6-cylinder 65 134" 3-speed manual
Six (1922) 6-cylinder 70 134" 3-speed manual
Six (1923) 6-cylinder 70 134" 3-speed manual