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Podkowa Motorcycles

Podkowa means horseshoe was a little metal works factory founded in 1921, initially specializing in horseshoes and nails.

Prewar Polish motorcycle Podkowa with Villiers 98cc engine. 3HP, three gears. It was produced from January 1939 to August 1939 in Poniatów near Warsaw. In 1937 they started to prepare to produce light motorcycles. In 1938 they signed agreement with Viliers Motors Co. Podkowa motorcycle was constructed by A.Skalski. It was patterned on British Baker motorcycle (the company had bought licence for it). Mass production was started in the end of January 1939, and it was stopped in August 1939 when the war broke out. About 120-130 units were built. 21 of them are known to survive till today.