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Rossion is an American RMR sports car from US car maker Rossion Automotive.

Development on the Rossion Q1 began after acquiring the rights to the Noble M400 in February 2007. The goal was to design a completely new car fusing the sporty strengths of the M400 with luxurious appointments. In June of 2013, RP High Performance acquired Mosler Automotive (based in Riviera Beach, FL USA) and moved the entire manufacturing facility from South Africa to the current location in the United States.

Production of the ROSSION Q1R began in July 2013 which is the track version of the existing Q1 (street) model. A redesign of the Mosler is underway, which will be released in the future with no definitive date yet planned. Current Q1 and Q1R models are constructed of complete carbon-kevlar body.