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Ruby Motorcycles

Ruby Cycle Co Ltd
Former type
Industry Motorcycle
Founded 1909
Defunct 1932
Headquarters Manchester, United Kingdom
Products Motorcycles
Royal Ruby 8 Twin at exhibition in Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe.

The Ruby Cycle Co Ltd.

was a British motorcycle manufacturer based in Ancoats Manchester Founded in 1909 the factory produced a range of motorcycles under the Royal Ruby brand until 1932


The Ruby Cycle Co. were originally bicycle makers based in Cannel Street, Ancoats surrounded by the Manchester cotton mills and like many bicycle makers of the time turned to producing by motorcycles from 1909. The Royal Ruby motorcycles were expensive as all the cycle parts were manufactured by the company in Manchester, but engines were brought in from JAP and Villiers.

The range included 250cc 2 strokes and 4 strokes as well an unusual 'Ladies Model' with a specially lowered frame. Top of the range was a 976cc side valve V-twin. During the first world war production at the factory turned to munitions and components to support the war effort, but in 1916 a large export order for the V-twin was commissioned by the Imperial Russian Army. The motorcycles were produced but delivery of the order was disrupted by the outbreak of the Russian Revolution in 1919. Although a few motorcycles were delivered to Russia, it was very difficult to obtain payment. After the war ended the British motorcycle market was saturated with ex military machines, so they found it difficult to sell the surplus machines on the home market and the company went bankrupt.

The Ruby company was taken over by a new board, and a new factory was built on Moss Lane, Altrincham where production of motorcycles restarted in 1921, together with their own Ruby brand of engines but sales were slow and the company went bust in 1922. It was sold to Albert Horrocks of Bolton in 1927. Horrocks developed a new saddle-tank motorcycle in 1928 with Villiers and JAP engines and Albion and Sturmey-Archer gearboxes. Royal Ruby motorcycle production ended around 1931 but one-off motorcycles may have been assembled from spare parts up to 1933.


As well as motor cycles the company also made cyclecars at two separate times. There was a major boom in cyclecar production before World War I and between 1913 and 1914 one was made under the Royal Ruby name with 10 hp V twin JAP engine, two speed gearbox and either shaft or belt drive to the rear wheels. Only a few are thought to have been made.

Another Royal Ruby car, this time a three wheeler was announced in 1927 with single cylinder JAP engine but again very few were made. A modified version appeared in 1928 called the MEB made by commercial vehicle bodybuilders Bromilow and Edwards in Bolton.