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Segoni Special Motorcycles

The Segoni Special was a small Italian motorcycle manufacturer, active from 1972 to 1979.

Foundation 1972 in Florence
Founded by Giuliano Segoni
Closed 1979
Headquarters Florence
Sector Transport
Products motorcycles

The company was founded in Florence by the young engineer Giuliano Segoni, for the construction of frames for sports motorcycles.

The first entered in production was the Segoni-Laverda 750, with a higher single-beam frame and swingarm box, which was prepared for Imola 200, 1972 and entrusted to Augusto Britons.

The Segoni frames soon become highly sought after, both by the riders of endurance and sports bikes eager to have a Sigoni special frame. In the seventies it was claimed that many of the Japanese bikes had limits causing instability at high speeds.

By 1978 Segoni was producing numerous ‘specials’ for Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki and Laverda , in addition to the MV Agusta and the Special Segoni-750 , built in 1974 in collaboration with Arturo Magni. 

In 1979 the company closed its doors, following the untimely death of Giuliano Segoni, which occurred during testing of his bike.

In 2015 Giuliano's son, Lorenzo, with his friend Thomas Contri, reopened the family business and presents a new model with Kawasaki engine to 'EICMA 2015. This is a special with Kawasaki engine that follows the traditional technical patterns of Segoni, with new materials and updated technical developments. The prototype presented at the EICMA follows the aesthetics Segoni Special Z1 900 of 1979.


Passion and innovation: this is the DNA of Segoni.

It all starts in the 70s, an extraordinary and irreplicable era for motorcycles, from the British twin cylinder engines, which used to leave oil spots all over the box, to the beautiful, powerful and reliable Japanese motorcycles powered by three and four cylinder engines. In the meantime, the world becomes interested in the legendary success of Agostini and Hailwood, who make motorcycle history. The bike is not just a vehicle for transportation anymore: it becomes something more, an object of passion with a cult following.

In this golden age, two brothers from Florence, Giuliano and Roberto Segoni, decide to make their passion into the challenge of a lifetime. Both of them live for motorcycles and they complement each other: Giuliano is the mechanic and Roberto is the architect and industrial designer.

Giuliano e Roberto Segoni
A perfect alchemy that leads them to develop innovative mechanical solutions different from anything that existed at the time, from the very beginning. The first object of their technical interest is the most hidden yet the most important: the chassis, the skeleton of the motorcycle, its very essence. From their ingenuity comes something that has never been done before: an innovative tubular chassis with such a groundbreaking central supporting structure that many years later it will be used as an industry standard by the most important motorcycle factories.

But Giuliano and Roberto have just begun. They are not satisfied with simply innovating on the concept of the motorcycle; they want to prove their work in competition. The Segoni Corse team is born: throughout the 70’s the Segoni brothers’ stock motorcycles, customized and modified for racing, become a constant player in the endurance world.

The debut happens one year later: in 1972 a Laverda Special 750 ridden by Augusto Brettoni debuts in the 200 miles of Imola. In the same year the Segoni, still ridden by Brettoni, participates in the Bol d’Or of Le Mans, a 24-hour race.

In 1973/74 Segoni Corse is the only Italian team to finish the French 24 hours first with Cereghini/Daneu on a 750 Laverda SFC, then wiith Daneu/Stanga and Valli/Ormeni.

The name Segoni starts circulating around the motorcycle world and the two brothers decide to embark on a new challenge, particularly in light of race financing: in 1974 Segoni begins the production of motorcycles approved for the street. In the same year, at the Milano Motorcycle Show (EICMA), the first unique model is presented: the Segoni K900 Kawasaki, modified by Temignoni, of which an astonishing 52 models will be sold. As all models by Segoni, these bikes come directly from the race world, of which they maintain all distinctive signs and technical specs.

In fact racing is always at the heart of Segoni: between 1972 and 1978 Segoni Corse participates in 14 Endurance races across the most important European tracks, claiming victory in the Italian Juniors category with Gino Mandro on a Segoni Special motorized by Suzuki. 

During that year the first chapter in Segoni’s history comes to an abrupt halt: Giuliano dies while test riding a Segoni K900 Kawasaki. A tremendous blow. For Segoni it seemed like the end. But the last chapter still has to be written...