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South East (Fujian) Motor Co., Ltd., trading as Soueast, is a Chinese automobile manufacturer based in Fuzhou, Fujian, and ajoint venture between China Motor Corporation (25%), Fujian Motor Industry Group (50%) and Mitsubishi Motors (25%).


Joint venture
Industry Automotive
Founded 1995
Headquarters Fuzhou, Fujian, China

Key people

Zi-Sheng Zuo (President)
Products Automobiles
Owner China Motor Corporation(25%)
Fujian Motors Group (50%)
Mitsubishi Motors (25%)

Its principal activity is the design, development, production and sale of passenger cars and minibuses sold under the Soueast marque. It also manufactures Mitsubishi brand passenger cars for sale in mainland China.

As of early 2011, Soueast had an annual production capacity of around 180,000 units, but this was set to rise to 300,000 with the completion of current construction, which may have been finished by early 2012.


Soueast was founded in November 1995 as a joint venture between China Motor Corporation and Fujian Motor Industry Group. Mitsubishi became a partner in the joint venture in 2006.

In April 2008, Soueast was awarded a contract to supply 5,700 Delica minibuses to the Iranian Mehreghan Co. In the same year, Jackie Chan was signed on as a Mitsubishi brand ambassador for Mainland China markets.


Soueast Motors produces Soueast-branded models including the V3 and V5 sedans, and a range of Mitsubishi models for the Chinese market.

Soueast marque

Soueast produces the following models under the Soueast marque:

  • V3 Lingyue sedan (2008)
  • V5 Lingzhi sedan (2012)
  • V6 Lingshi hatchback (2013)
  • C1 Xiwang microvan
  • Delica minibus (1996)
  • DX7 Bolang SUV (2015)

Soueast produces the following models under the Mitsubishi marque:Mitsubishi marque

  • Lancer
  • Lancer EX
  • Lancer Fortis
  • Galant
  • Zinger


Soueast has at least one production base in Qingkou city, Minhou County, Fuzhou, Fujian province. This location has probably been expanded three times with the second phase possibly completed c. 2009 as that year saw a 150% increase in units produced. As of early 2011, total yearly production capacity for all sites was forecast to soon reach 300,000 with the completion of the base's third phase. February 2012 production was 37% higher than that of the previous year, which may reflect this additional capacity coming online.