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Triking is the common name for the Triking Sports Cars, the United Kingdom based manufacturer of the 3-wheeled Triking Cyclecar, located in Hingham, Norfolk, formerly in Marlingford, Norfolk. 

  • 8 Seamere Road Hingham, Norfolk, NR9 4LW
  • +44 (0) 1953 850044

Trikings are essentially a modern version of the 1930s Morgan three-wheelers, and a cross between a sports car and a microcar.

Visually the Triking has changed little since the 1970s but has undergone extensive, fine detailed improvements utilizing the latest technology in electrical systems, braking and suspension. Following these developments and the use of precision components Triking Sports Cars are straightforward to construct and easy to maintain.

"Without a doubt, the Triking is the best-handling, best-quality, and best-designed of the modern, Morgan-style trikes and it commands universal respect."

All Triking technical improvements and upgrades can be readily retro fitted to existing cars.

All refinements are extensively researched, developed and tested. Longevity is a prime consideration, our cars are built to last, and of course to provide many years of enjoyment for their owners.

Build quality is of the utmost importance. All components undergo rigorous quality control and attention to detail is painstaking. All Triking components are engineered using the finest quality materials and hand built using traditional skills and techniques culminating in an original, bespoke sporting car.

The Triking is a two-seater, open cockpit, sporting car in the tradition of a 1920s Aero-type cyclecar and hand built to the highest standards

Available fully built ready to drive,or in component (kit) form for self build. Each car is tailored to the customers individual specification and complies with relevant legal requirements (MSVA etc.) There is a comprehensive choice of options and specification available. Please contact us for further information.

Based on a tough, epoxy-powder-coated, steel space-frame chassis with hand-molded resin coachwork, the Triking uses a blend of purpose made and proprietary parts to give the best performance and appearance. The air-cooled engine is the proven Italian thoroughbred, Giulio Carcano designed, 90-degree, vee-twin from the Moto Guzzi motorcycle. Rear-wheel drive is used to provide the best combination of driver appeal and balance.


Triking Sports Cars was originally founded as Triking Cyclecars Ltd by former Lotus employee Tony Divey (1930 - 2013). He built the first Triking in the late 1970s because he was unable to acquire a Morgan. It featured a steel space frame with alloy panels and a glass-fibre bonnet, and was powered by a Moto Guzzi V-twin motorcycle engine. Its popularity lead to production. In 1990 Divey designed a new tubular front end and a one piece glass-fibre "body".

Telegraph writer, Andrew English, commented of the Triking driving experience: "The intimacy is both profound, delightful and, for the claustrophobic, disturbing. Everything is so contiguous with the driver; you could have sex at a greater distance than this."

Triking Cyclecars Ltd was dissolved in 2006 upon Divey's retirement and was reformed in 2009 by Alan Layzell, a Triking employee.