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Vertemati Motorcycles

Vertemati is an Italian manufacturer of motorcycles based in Triuggi, in the city of Milan Metro.

Founded in 1993 in Ronco Briantino, named after the surname of the two founders brothers, Alvaro and Guido.

The Vertemati specialized in the construction of racing bikes for off-road, motocross, enduro and supermotard. Since 2002 they started to produce models for road use.

Founded 1993 in Ronco Briantino
Founded by Alvaro Vertemati and Guido Vertemati
Headquarters Triuggio (MI)
Sector Motorcycles


Relying on their experience in the field of motocross, the brothers Alvaro and Guido Vertemati began, almost on a bet, to create virtually handmade motorcycle.

Following the breakdown of relations with Husaberg - which fell into the hands of the Austrian KTM - the Vertemati brothers built the C500, which boasted some Husaberg technical solutions, such as' air box under the frame beam to save space.


The C500, was the first model of the VOR racing department (acronym for Vertemati Offroad Racing), division of the company founded in 1998, the 492, later renamed 503.

Following a corporate crisis, in 2002 the company was absorbed by the World Off Road (Group Mondial Moto) and the company was renamed VOR Motorcycles 


After the rebirth from bankruptcy in 2004 , today's models are proposed was revision Vertemati Racing and Cross that are both Enduro and Supermotard. The bikes are produced either with kick start (strictly forward, a feature of the VOR) and electric (but excludes the pedal). The bikes come with WP suspension, billet triple clamps, brake system Brembo (cross / enduro) and Beringer (with cast iron track and basket avional) for supermotard.


  • Enduro E450 / 501 / 570E (electric start)
  • Enduro E450 / 501/570 (Kickstarter)
  • Motocross C450 / 500/570
  • Supermotard S450 / 501 / 570E (electric start)
  • Supermotard S450 / 501/570 (Kickstarter)
  • Supermotard Racing S450 / 600 (Kickstarter)