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Vyrus Motorcycles

Vyrus is a small, exclusivist Italian motorcycle manufacturer based in Coriano, Italy.


Industry Motorcycle manufacturing
Founded 2001
Headquarters Coriano, Italy

Area served


Key people

Ascanio Rodorigo

Vyrus initially worked alongside Bimota on the evolutionary development of Bimota's "Tesi" motorcycle. The "Tesi", meaning Thesis in Italian, had its origins as a university engineering project linked to Massimo Tamburini. The Tesi design was easily distinguished by the use of its Hub-center steering front suspension arrangement. Vyrus split from the Bimota and completed the first evolution of the Tesi's development, marketing the bike under their own name.

Currently Vyrus have two models: 984 C3 2V (using a Ducati-sourced 2-valve, air-cooled engine) and 985 C3 4V (again, with a Ducati-sourced 4-valve, water-cooled engine); both with a displacement of almost 1000 cm3. The 984 has a V-twin (which the Italians refer to as a "L" twin, given the cylinder arrangement) 2-valve Ducati engine which develops a claimed 90.5 HP. The 985 has a V-twin 4-valve Ducati engine which develops a claimed 150 HP.

The engineers of the company are experienced in exotic motorcycles, many of them having worked for companies like Ducati or Bimota.