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Stats and descriptions for every make and model since Carl Benz patented the first gas guzzler is a pretty big aspiration.

When building GAUK Motors we wanted to ensure it was the most complete vehicle resource available on the planet. We began searching for a comprehensive source of vehicle specifications to enhance the listings. Unfortunately, the sources we found were either incomplete or lacking in data. Then serendipity played her hand and we were given the contact of a rather reclusive character from Europe who held a lifelong obsession with building databases.

As a result Motorpedia was launched and is the most detailed vehicle database to exist on internet

The largest rival database currently claims 490,000 data points, Motorpedia dwarfs that.

Licensed use of the data is available through our custom API solutions. Please CONTACT US

Motorpedia Data

The database currently boasts detailed coverage of:

  • Over 350 Vehicle Manufacturers from around the world from 19C
  • Over 450 Motorcycle Manufacturers from around the world from 19C
  • Over 20000 Vehicle Models
  • Over 18000 Model Variants
  • Over 30,000 Motorcycle Variants

Vehicle Data fields included & completed by %

  • Naming: Make, Model, Version, Years, Sold in, Class 100%
  • Model data: Body type 100.00%, No. of doors 100.00%, No. of seats 99.7%, Engine place 100%, Drivetrain 100%
  • Engine data: Cylinders 100%, Displacement (cm³) 100%, Power (PS) 100%, Power (kW) 99.0%, Power (rpm) 98.9%, Torque (Nm) 99.8%, Torque (rpm) 98.9%, Bore × Stroke (mm) 86.5%, Compression ratio 86.5%, Valves per cylinder 98.5%, Crankshaft 86.5%, Fuel injection 98.5%, Supercharger 98.4%, Catalytic 2.7%, Manual 98.5%, Automatic 98.5%
  • Drivetrain data: Suspension front 98.3%, Suspension rear 98.3%, Assisted steering 98.3%, Brakes front 98.3%, Brakes rear 98.3%, ABS 86.7%, ESP 62.2%, Tire size 98.6%, Tire size rear (if different than front) 7.3%
  • Body data: Wheelbase (mm) 99.2%, Track front (mm) 86.4%, Track rear (mm) 86.4%, Length (mm) 99.2%, Width (mm) 99.2%, Height (mm) 99.2%, Curb weight (kg) 98.4%, Gross weight (kg) 98.2%, Cargo space (liters) 98.9%, Tow weight (kg) 98.2%
  • Gas tank (liters) 99.1%
  • Performance data: 0-100 kmh (sec) 99.3%, Max speed (km/h) 99.5%, Fuel efficiency (l/100km) 98.9%, Engine type 99.7%, Fuel type 97.9%, co2 (g/km) 46.6%
  • Full description page


  • Worldwide passenger vehicles sold in the European market starting from 1970-1990 to present, depending by brand (average 1980-present).
  • USA Coming soon
  • Additional DVLA data is being added extending the makes and models coverd to some 40,000
  • Fuel consumption fugures to be uploaded where available

Motorcycle Data fields included & completed by %

  • General: Make 100.00%, Model 100.00%, Year 100.00%, Category 100.00%, Price 19.43%.
  • Engine and transmission: Displacement (cm³) 98.26%, Engine type 99.96%, Power HP 66.76%, Power RPM 59.04%, Torque 38.04%, Torque RPM 35.13%, Top speed 35.21, 1/4 mile 0.26%, 0-100 km/h 1.02%, Max RPM 1.65%, Compression 61.13%, Bore x stroke 74.39%, Valves per cylinder 41.51%, Fuel system 67.06%, Fuel control 56.36%, Ignition 38.43%, Lubrication system 23.82%, Cooling system 88.19%, Gearbox 84.86%, Transmission type, final drive 83.44%, Clutch 33.63%, Driveline 16.33%, Fuel consumption 11.38%, Greenhouse gases 11.38%, Emission details 6.33%, Exhaust system 13.98%.
  • Chassis, suspension, brakes and wheels: Frame type 38.05%, Rake fork angle 19.93%, Front suspension 59.35%, Front wheel travel 25.70%, Rear suspension 58.70%, Rear wheel travel 25.09%, Front tyre 80.62%, Rear tyre 80.69%, Front brakes 95.81%, Front brakes diameter 42.69%, Rear brakes 95.04%, Rear brakes diameter 41.18%, Wheels 17.38%, Seat 11.42%.
  • Physical measures and capacities: Dry weight 59.70%, Weight inc. oil, gas, etc 36.50%, Power/weight ratio 39.30%, Seat height 57.23%, Alternate seat height 1.56%, Front percentage of weight (0.68%, Rear percentage of weight 0.19%, Overall height 36.88%, Overall length 51.93%, Overall width 42.53%, Ground clearance 32.12%, Wheelbase 61.41%, Fuel capacity 81.43%, Reserve fuel capacity 8.73%, Oil capacity 7.50%.
  • Other specifications: Color options 53.54%, Starter 61.79%, Instruments 6.47%, Electrical 6.41%, Light 4.17%, Carrying capacity 5.28%, Factory warranty 9.28%, Comments 29.55%, Modifications compared to previous model 0.94%.
  • Full description page

History & latest releases

Vehicle Data

  • As of 2014 the biggest database (Car Models, Engines, Dimensions, Performance) had 21 columns of technical specs, 19 of them 99% completed.
  • In June 2014, 20 new columns were added
  • By end 2014, the Car Tire Database was added
  • October 2014, work began to fill up 26 additional fields
  • November about 2500 cars (2000-present) had all 45 columns filled
  • March-May 2015 (1995-present). Additional 4500 cars had 45 columns filled
  • In September 2015, 45 columns filled with 11000 cars (92% for 1990/1995). Finalized 1995-present, the missing 8% is mostly in 1990-1995 period.
  • December 2015, 96 makes, 1445 models, 16506 versions, for 1990/1995-present.
  • March 2016, 100 makes, 1524 models, 16918 versions. Updated with old cars, added Bitter, BMW Alpina, DeLorean, Jensen. 45 columns filled for 14400 cars (98.7% for 1990/1995).
  • April 2016 103 makes, 1558 models, 17538 versions. Updated with new cars, added Fisker, Tesla, Wiesmann. 45 columns filled for 15000 cars (99.0% for 1990/1995).
  • August 2016 103 makes, 1576 models, 17941 versions
  • In the next phase we will not just expand to 45 columns the cars currently in database, but also add 1980s cars currently missing from database. Planning to expand all makes to 1970s by end 2016.

Motorcycle Data

The Motorcycle database was launched in May 2016, with 43 fields (columns) found on common bike models. After first release additional data fields were included in the August 2016 update, having 62 columns.

The next version was released in September 2016 with 71 columns. 

Source of specification data

The European database development started in 2003, sourcing data from various sources and manually typing into a proprietary Excel spreadsheet, creating an original product.

  • Primarily sourced from historical manufacturers’ publications, open source data, DVLA, NMVTIS and personal knowledge.
  • Mid-year updates were possible sourcing data from Wikipedia, and other online sources.

The original database: initially it included only data that I was personally interested, engine and performance data. In a period of 2005-2006 I was deciding when to make a new row by checking performance data, which have sometimes variations from year to year despite that engine is the same, thus causing some duplicates in engine data. The Author

Additional data is collected from various sources and published under creative commons licence, royality and royality free licencing with contributors from all over the world.

Accuracy notes

Many sources have errors, but the author having high experience in cars and data analysis, spotted numerous mistakes and input correct data where possible.

The most important data, such as engine and dimensions, are 99.99% accurate. Less accurate data are the following: performance data, where are often variations such as +/- 0.1 liters in fuel consumption, suspension type and occasionally tire size.

No database is perfect, 100% accuracy is impossible … but GAUK believe that our manually, hand-made vehicle database is the most accurate, comprehensive database ever have existed


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GAUK has been delivering quality information since 1999. Over the years numerous entities have attempted to steal our propriety data. Our response is robust and immediate. We have further protected our data by developing monitoring systems, data is seeded and images are digitally watermarked.

In short, if you want access to GAUK data we are open and willing to explore licensing optionsJust ask!

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